RisingStar Game Progress and Today's Achievement


Hello Everyone, I am here to share my Rising Star Game progress.Rising Star Game is free to play game with Native Token named StarBits, StarBits is hive based token. Current Rate of Hive is 1.68$ and Starbits is trading at 0.00017$. If you have not played this game and want to join, then you can join from this link.

Rising Star Game Joining Link

Followings are my Stats;

  1. Total Fans 2160
  2. Luck 1238
  3. Skill 7566
  4. IM 35
  5. Level 70
  6. Ego 0
  7. Total Cards 112


I have played 1117 missions till now. Below are the Standard Missions that I have completed so far in the Rising Star Game

Illegal Busking48
Open Mic Night150
Mid Week Support112
Licensed Busking25
Midweek Headline Slot19
Saturday Support42
Saturday Headline54
Radio Interview169
Radio Studio Session37
Shopping Mall Performance20
Record A Demo33
Local Festival Acoustic Tent50
Local Mini Tour Support44
Local Mini Tour Support44
Starbits Millionaire62
Music Lesson224

Todays Special Achevments

Today I bought i53 Take RS Nft at the most cheapest rate available in the market. I bought i53 Take RS because this i53 Take RS belongs to Production lesson and I do only Production Lesson. I bought i53 Take RS in 495 starbits only.



Thanks for reading and Support.


Note:Images/screenshots taken from the game https://www.risingstargame.com