BitCoin Baby - Day 15 "I want it All and I want it Crypto"



Guess Bitcoin Baby is a very lucky baby, being born in a time of incredible Crypto prosperity....
Sitting around listening to the Crypto Dino´s, that have been trough the bearish winters we had since 2017, it seems there has not been a time like this like ....forever.

Still I have to admit one thing....

"My name is Bitcoin Baby and I am a CryptoHolic."

Let me tell you what happened:

"This was me on the 25th of December 2020


Now this is me 14 weeks later."


Where did that fresh young guy go?

What the fluf happened to him?

Yup, Crypto happened...!

He got hooked....
All he now wants for Christmas is Crypto.

To many of you this will not come as a shock, but for the ones that just got into crypto....


Save your soul....
It might not be to late...look at these facts!


Okay I hoped you stopped reading. Sold all your crypto and turned your back on the digital Meth once and for all....never looking back.....

To read that I will be the one to buy your dip and that you leaving, leaves more crypto for me.


So now that only the strong hands are left to read the rest of this article, let me share a summary of what happened.

I´ll start from the moment I took my first shot...and work my way to where I am at now.
The point where I am snoring, pushing, swallowing, injecting every coin I can get my grabby little baby hands on.

26th of December 2020 - My first shot

For those who did not follow me from the start...I was never able to buy into crypro as I was in debt for many years....and you should only invest what you are willing to loose.

Last Christmas (2020) I was finally free of Debts and received a huge Christmas present from my father. Don´t ask why...there is a very long story there...and it´s quite a sad story.

But this money was used for Good as most of it was used to buy Crypto.

I planned to spend $1800 in total on Crypto.... and of course I ended up above the planned budget....but not to much.
So in one month time I bought the following:

snap bought 2.PNG

I really hope that this does not come across as bragging, as I just want to share my story.

As you can see far (yes I know we´re in a Bull Market)...every investment paid off.

But my Bitmart trading wallet is really the big winner here...and trading is what I enjoy most. Every day I am looking for deals and following my own baby strategy (read my other blogs if you´re curious about that).

Right now this trading wallet is holding 19 different coins, but $1000 dollar sits in ADA and BAT (holding these at least till end of summer 2021). And $350 dollar sits in BTC waiting to be used to buy the next dip.

This is to give you a bit of an idea that most of those coins I am holding, I hodl in Baby amounts to be sold once they hit the target.

What was my worst investment

None, but the one that has the lowest ROI is WISE so far.

Even though I have still faith that it will take off once it will hit the Binance Smart Chain and the other chains it´s planned to be released on during the upcoming months. But this one will take time...and is staked till January 2021.

Big Bucks

The best investment done so far is all the free crypto I have been gathering...well free...the once I did not pay for, but actually had to work for (in most cases)
But the investment was $0 so my ROI right now is 43797%

Snap 10 April.PNG

And yes I am feeling like a Nitwit, but I have to Admit it....I own DOGE😞...and yes I still faucet every now and then during commercials.


Quick Recap

So clearly Noise Cash has been very good to me...and it´s probably where I spent most of my time...and really enjoy it.

TORUM, I think is almost as much fun as noise and with the growing amount of people and good content it might beat Noise any time now (just FYI the value for XTM is based on the pre-sale as it is still pending to hit the exchange).

PublishOX so far made $48 and a lot of great contacts...

While my HIVE wallet in total is worth $73.30 now, but I am still feeling like I struggle over there.
Sometimes I have hundreds of likes, sometimes 0.
I am investing more and more time to start to understand the HIVE universe, but it´s huge, weird and different....
So there still is a lot to be learned by this baby.

On the faucets I will not waste your time. As you can always read my article on those faucets that at least pay out here.

The Bottom Line

This whole article started with my virtual Friend and Inspiration Drubid, asking me how many coins I was actually holding.

Well Drubid and all others.......right now this baby is holding more coins than he thought.

How many coins can one baby hodl

7 from Bitvavo
19 from Bitmart
6 from Faucets
3 from PublishOX
1 from TORUM
1 from Celsius
1 from Kucoin
1 from CVA
1 from Decrypt
1 from
11 from HIVE(Inc. LEO,VIBES,POB etc)

Which totals 52 Coins in 14 weeks.....

And I guess I found a new addiction since this week........called NFTs
( I just started any links to free NFTs on WAX are very welcome)


So as said all I want for Christmas is Crypto....and peace on earth of course...


But I guess I stand a bigger chance on getting more crypto.

Thank you for the read.
Hit that like if you liked...and have a lovely day😇.

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I feel your struggles baby! I was advise to invest more time in reader engagement. The reason I'm posting here haha.

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