Bitcoin Baby - Day 16 "Did the Dip Drive Me Crazy?"



People following me on other platforms have lately been expressing their concerns regarding my sanity.....

Guess they think this last dip finally drove me over the edge.

Guess this is why

First of all I suggested we stop asking for a coin to go to the moon. In my humble opinion we past that stage in 2017.
Now a days To The Moon with those little rockets🚀🚀 has become the cheesiest thing Crypto lingo.

Let's aim a bit further...the sun 🌞? Nope, that will get us burned, but how about the furthest inhabitable planet?

That would take us to the potentially habitable planet Kepler-1606b, at a distance of 2870 light-years.
Try and imagine that profit, especially if you always thought the moon was The Place to go.

Of course we have to rename it planet MaxCrypto-1.000.000X (of course Max refers to the greatest F1 driver of the present, and not the Maximal Crypto Gains).

Max Crypto.jpg

So how do we get there

Well we will take the Rocket advertised by the coin that is so cheesy it melts when things are getting to hot....The coin that actually puts to the Moon as their goal fort the 4th quarter of 2021.


Yup, you guessed right the coin on everyone's lips this week.
I can not even count the times I read "What the fluf is Safemoon" these last couple of days.

Why do I bring up this.....highly shilled coin?

safe 3.png

Well because if people did not think me crazy for aiming for planet MaxCrypto and even creating a Logo.

They surely wanted to have me admitted when they read I bought SAFEMOON at it´s peak....and did so on purpose.

Bitcoin Baby...have you lost your last Baby Brain cell?

Guess I have.... I really did buy into this coin knowing that it might be a Ponzi, a rug pull, the best way to lose money. And a near certainty to not get any return on investment.

So why did I do it......

Well out of pure frustration of last Bloodbath Sunday´s dip and not selling anything for the 3 days afterwards.
As you know (or not).... I am in it for the memes and Crypto needs to be fun, first and foremost.

Another mistake

So last Sunday I converted most of the coins in my trading wallet into coins I expected to quickly recover with large profits.
Baby was I wrong!

I was buying the start of the never ending dip...

Never ending dip.jpg

That mistake meant becoming an involuntary temporary Hodler.
Bye, bye adrenaline and yes I did sleep better now I had nothing left to trade, but I just could not deal with the boredom.

So I did something I normally would never do.
I made a calculated bet.
I put all the money I made on the only sale that went through this week into SAFEMOON.
Calculating I would lose, but at $30 dollar that would be worth the trip.

Yes I actually paid to get REKT or possibly get scammed. So far it has been a very interesting ride and absolutely worth it.

I met SAFEMOON fanboys and noticed people were actually looking out for me (not the fanboys, but the serious investors), while I did my backwards somersaults through the cryptoverse.
I have been down 90%, and back up to only having a 40% loss on my investment(right now I am down 50%).

Is that all?

Of course not.....from the Safemoon rocket you have an amazing view, and I noticed a tiny little thingy also aiming for the skies.


Zeppelin.Dao these guys look like a very cheap Safemoon ripoff (if that is even possible).
They promise everything Safemoon promises...but on a budget.

Even their Q4 does not aim for the moon, they are already satisfied if they reach above the clouds.


No I did not add funds, I just sold a bit of my Bitmart tokens I use to pay the fees (only token that was up this week & no selling means no fees) and bought $10 worth of this with hot air inflated hoax.

And yes I know these dips are all part of the game and we´ve been their before.

dips in 2021.PNG

The Big Picture

In the bigger scheme of things this dip is nothing special and the only reason that I am bored is because of my own fault....thinking it would be a 48hr weekend dip.

So dear reader do not worry about me!
I am still the same insane baby and I do not Panic.

Selling in loss is not in my dictionary, that will never happen. I rather die hodling.
So when I pass my expiration date I probably will still be holding Safemoon and Zeppelin.dao as very nice virtual token of this dip.

Remember you only lose money if you sell and if you have to sell it was probably money you couldn't afford to invest in the first place.

And that my friends is the bottom line.


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