Is Read.Cash BCH Bias?



A couple of months ago I started writing Articles on Read.Cash and of course I DYORed the site. And on the official channels there is not to much dirt to be dug up.

But once you start digging a bit deeper, well...... when you start asking people on several platforms you often get this:

"If you write something BCH positive, you are sure to get paid. If you write anything else..... have fun staying poor."

bch 1.png

So I started writing, and it´s not like I am new to writing, I have been blogging for several years and have been writing forever.

Still my first post on Read.Cash did not do anything, but that is to be expected.

bch 2.png

So I kept high hopes for #2

bch 3.png

Nope, nothing happened. While on other platforms I noticed some traction on Read.Cash I was a nice little quiet baby. Still I kept posting....but that initial BCH Positive remark kept nagging at my last brain cell.

And after 4 more tries I started believing in the myth...because this is how myths get created...they are self-fulfilling prophecies.

bch 4.png

So what is the Myth?

According to @Noise.Cash there's this myth perpetrated by some people that only gives tips to Bitcoin Cash articles.

How do I know that? Well I was corrected by Noise.Cash and was provided the evidence to proof me wrong.

bch 5.png

And he/she is asking to:

"Please do not do this. TheRandomRewarder has NO special preferences to Bitcoin Cash articles at all. It's just that a lot of users are Bitcoin Cash fans and they write a lot about it, so it's very visible. Here are some articles from this week with nice tips from TheRandomRewarder, that have nothing to do with Bitcoin Cash." $14 $14 $15 $15 $16 $16 $16 $20 $20 $22 $24 $23

So was this really an urban legend....?

Based on the evidence provided I needed to admit that I was indeed bias and Read.Cash does award a lot of articles that have no relation with BCH.

BCH 6.png

Still hard headed as I am, I wondered if it was really true, as I still did not receive a BCH cent for any of my articles. But for now I let go of that thought and continued writing on Read.

It must have been Murphy´s law, because really....the next article I published got rewarded:

BCH 7.png

And nicely rewarded I must say. Every article since got lucky (not as lucky as the first time, but hey your first time needs to be special , right?)

BCH 8.png

I guess this Baby Grasshopper just needed to learn to be patient. So if you´re facing a similar situation you basically have two options.

Be patient, have faith what you do best and keep creating original and personal content. Keep sharing that content on and wait till the RandomRewarder comes knocking on your articles door.

BCH 9.jpeg

Or maybe do what I did....No Don´t do what I did!

What did you do?

Start believing in the Urban Legend that Read.Cash is BCH Bias and start spreading that myth on Noise.Cash. Make sure you get caught by @Noise.Cash and get re-noised.

BCH 10.png

Because that re-noised comment has been my best post on Noise.Cash ever. I kept receiving tips. it lasted 5 day´s and again that is a first I will not easily forget.

Bottom Line

In the end nothing really matters....,

but for now I stand corrected...and happily corrected. Although I think it´s a very big coincidence that ever since my post was picked up by @Noise.Cash I started receiving tips, but well I will leave it at that and I will not create another myth.

So, if you´re not yet writing on Read.Cash I can only invite you to come and give it a try Sign-Up and start posting.

Just one more thing. How about that other myth? The one that says a Read.Cash articles need to be at least 600 words? Is this still valid, old news or just a myth?

BCH 11.png

Because I have been rewarded for articles that were far below those 600 words. If anyone can shine his/her bright light on this that would be very much appreciated.

Thanks for the read and have a lovely day....oh and please smash that like button if you enjoyed the read!

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