MidNight Gems - Undiscovered, Underrated & Forgotten Songs vol.72 "Best Soundtrack In The World"



For those of you that are new to my MidNight Gems series. Welcome to this nightly trip on which we will uncover & recover some amazing songs & covers.

Now I Normally post these articles in the music community, but as I promised during the best movie song challenge that this one was still pending, Tonight I am posting it in CineTV.

As said tonight the focus will be on my all-time favorite soundtrack and it´s coming from my all-time favorite movie. Not saying it´s the best movie, it just is my guilty pleasure.

I got the album on my 11th Birthday from a friend whose dad was a hot-shot at Sony Netherlands. I am not even sure if I watched the movie first or got the record first.

The movie is about these two clowns.... that are going up against the elite. And if I say up, I mean really up. They take the naval aviator way up. Just that intr..o and I am wide awake to fly over one Admirals daughter....right into the Danger Zone.

1. Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone

There is no point for second best, that is a lesson I learned very early one.....take me on those Mighty Wings across the sky. The song is played when Maverick is fighting Jester.... but no points were scored there as they went below the agreed deck, still, that scene is epic, especially the flyby.

2. Cheap Trick - Mighty Wings

Guess this scene was put in the movie to please the girls and boys that like their heroes semi-naked. Not my fav scene and not my fav song, but it fits the album perfectly.

3. Kenny Loggins - Playing with the Boys

This has such an amazing 80´s feel and the boys look amazing in white in this target-rich environment. Can´t help but wonder why Val nowadays looks like...well let´s be honest not the best version of himself and Tom....still looks like Tom. Is that the secret of Scientology or did Tom make more money to pay for better surgeons?

4. Teena Marie - Lead Me On

The next one is in my top 3 best songs on the album (Sharing that spot with Kennie´s Danger Zone), at that time I didn´t even know it was Gloria Estefan although you can hear it quite well. I was just taken by the rhythm of the song.

5. Miami Sound Machine - F-14 Tomcat Tribute | Hot Summer Night

This is probably my #2 song, I always was a sucker for a good ballad and damn this one is corny but rocking like a little B!tch. Never heard of this band afterwards but they were around in 1979 and they are still touring today. In 2022, the band released a new single, "Release"and will be touring with REO Speedwagon and Styx.

6. Loverboy - Top Gun - Heaven In Your Eyes

These next two songs are really the best songs from the movie, they were not on the vinyl version I got for my birthday, but I bought the extended soundtrack 20 years later.....and they are on there.

7. Top Gun - You've Lost That Loving Feeling

The Best song is followed by the saddest scene, this is the dollar coaster moment.

Take me to bed or lose me forever she says smiling, not knowing that a couple of minutes later she will lose Goose forever. Damn I hate that scene, it gets tears in my eyes every time (over 25 times already)


And as my number one song I am always in doubt. Is it Through the Fire or Destination Unknown.

I guess it depends on my mood, and today's mood is more supported by Destination Unknown...so that would be my fav song of the album. But damn it´s so hard to choose one of your babies if you love them all.

9. Larry Greene - Through the Fire

So here we go best song of the album, a song that basically sums up my life sang by Marietta Waters and no that should not ring any bell, although she recorded backup vocals for bigger names like; Ringo Starr, Donna Summer, Elton John and Olivia Newton-John. Guess this is therefore the real Midnight Gems on the album.

10. Marietta - Destination Unknown Top Gun 1986

Well, all? All but one....there is one song I will not list here...it was the biggest hit and my least favorite song on the album. You can look it up but I am not giving it away.

What I am giving away is the best movie Anthem ever!!!

Harold Faltermayer & the brilliant Steve Stevens - Top Gun Anthem

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What the fluff are midnight gems?

Somewhere lost in time, trying to escape out of the rabbit hole back into the rat race there is a vacuum..... that´s the place where midnight gems are found.

My Midnight Gems will try to uncover & recover those beautiful songs that nobody ever noticed or might have been forgotten.

Who the fluff am I?

Being a former DJ playing about everything and having an uncompleted study of radio journalism. I have been wanting to do this for years....Thought about it many nights and guess now it´s time to finally take it to the streets.

Hope you enjoyed this slightly confronting wave of amazing music and you still feel like joining me on the next special edition trip as vol.73 of Midnight Gems is coming soon.



Thanks so much for your review. A great movie with some fantastic movie.