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For those of you that are new to my MidNight Gems series. Welcome to this nightly trip on which (or witch) we will uncover & recover some amazing songs & covers.

Tonight it will be a potpourri, to stick with last week´s French influences. Over these last months, so many awesome songs did not fit my set, my mood, my playlist, and therefore did not meet my cut. This set will be just for them.

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If a debut single of a debut album sounds like this....
What the candy canes can we expect in the future? This is just so crazy well done.

Matija - Song For Celine

I played this jazzy Belgian chocolate before and wanted to add this song to that set. That would be a bit too much of a good thing so here she is again.

Typh Barrow - The House of the Rising Sun

G.D. if that is not a classic way of performing a classic, I will eat my hat on.... This next one probably will become a classic, just like "Leaving on a Jetplane," but then different.

Post Malone & Angus Stone - "Big Jet Plane"

Hard to follow up two classics, but this next tune is just a nice little go-between. Nothing major but be aware of the earworm effect.

Youth Lagoon - Prizefighter

In this cute little gem I play next it´s because of a little thing her voice does at 0.37 - 0.53 and it has nothing to do with the fact that Cafuné is Brazilian Portuguese for running your fingers through somebody's hair as a gesture of care.

Cafuné - Perspective

Love the song, just so sweet and dreamie but don´t get distracted by the pants in the video....don´t look just keep dreaming. I think the could dress like Harry Styles, but they lack.... the style to get away with it.

Canons – Gold n Cover

So many Gems, so little time. She sounds like so much all at once...from AbbA to Florence + The Machine, but it´s just little Sarah.

Sarah Kinsley - Oh No Darling!

Brodde Dalle, Icon.
If you don´t know Brodde, you have to go back to music school and study. Brodde is no GOAT but she is an Icon and miss Manson is from Garbage just in case you thought that her name rang a bell.

Brody Dalle - Meet The Foetus / Oh The Joy ft. Shirley Manson

Just to make sure you don´t think I turned all soft on you, it´s not Linkin Park, not Panic At The Disco, but if I would throw those bands in one blender you probably get Connor Kaufman.

Connor Kauffman - Bleed

I love the Velvet Underground & Nico, they brought the darkness closer...but not like this. This is just sick, spooky, weird and I love it (sorry I might have a bit of an acquired taste).

Smooth - I'll Be Your Mirror (1994 Goth Rock)

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Riddle Me This

Guess What,My Riddle was not solved once again, so grab your chance to get a $1 boost on your next HIVE post.

Easy, just find the connection between these 3 songs and drop the answer in a comment below or on the original #TTT Riddle Post




The hints:
The Old Hint from this week´s Tune Tune Train:

  • Let´s do another musical hint this week, but no Blondie: I´ll be your mirror

And one more hint for those who made it till here: Who´s That Girl

What the fluff is midnight gems?

Somewhere lost in time, trying to escape out of the rabbit hole back into the rat race there is a vacuum..... that´s the place where midnight gems are found.

My Midnight Gems will try to uncover & recover those beautiful songs that nobody ever noticed or might have been forgotten.

Who the fluff am I?

Being a former DJ playing about everything and having an uncompleted study of radio journalism. I have been wanting to do this for years...Thought about it many nights and guess now it´s time to finally take it to the streets.

Hope you enjoyed this well-known wave of fantastic music and that you still feel like joining me on the next Midnight Gems Session coming soon.

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That's all I've got

I was just talking about house of the rising sun with someone else. I really feel like that has to be one of the most covered songs in the world I am probably wrong, but that's what I believe!


Not even the top 10, but I get what you mean:

Most covered songs in the world:

  1. "Yesterday" // The Beatles

"Yesterday" has been covered more than 2200 times, with Joan Baez, Liberace, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, En Vogue, and Boyz II Men among the many (many) artists to put their own spin on the song. Plus, you know you've made it as a band when even Daffy Duck gets in on the action.

2 "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" // The Rolling Stones

This classic Rolling Stones song has been redone by a diverse array of artists, including Jimi Hendrix, Devo, and Vanilla Ice. It was also famously covered by Britney Spears at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards before she launched into "Oops! I Did It Again."

3 "Love Me Tender" // Elvis Presley

"Love Me Tender" was a hit long before Elvis and songwriter Ken Darby changed the title and the lyrics. The song became popular during the Civil War under the name "Aura Lee," but it was the version that was altered in 1956 that would go on to become covered by other musicians time and time again. The range of artists who have covered it—everyone from Julie Andrews and Johnny Cash to Jim Morrison—shows just how versatile it is.

4 "Billie Jean" // Michael Jackson

When "Billie Jean" was released in 1983, it became the first song to hit #1 on four pop charts simultaneously. The song is still one of MJ’s most popular and most covered, with at least 143 recorded versions floating around out there. And yes, that includes the Chipmunks.

5 "Eleanor Rigby" // The Beatles

A somewhat surprising choice, considering The Beatles's other hits, but it's been covered 131 times by artists such as Ray Charles, Tony Bennett, Aretha Franklin, Kansas, and Swedish industrial metal band Pain.

6 "My Way" // Frank Sinatra

The ironic part of Sinatra’s "My Way" is how many of the artists who covered the song didn’t do it Frank’s way. But with at least 152 covers in existence, from country to punk, a little variation is to be expected. (Just avoid doing a karaoke version.)

7 "Bridge Over Troubled Water" // Simon and Garfunkel

According to Secondhand Songs, there are nearly 600 versions of this seminal Simon and Garfunkel ballad. Released in January 1970, the sweeping epic was immediately covered by both Johnny Mathis and Stevie Wonder just a few weeks later.

8 "Ain’t No Sunshine" // Bill Withers

Withers wrote "Ain’t No Sunshine" while he was working as an aircraft mechanic. The hit song propelled him onto the music scene and we’ve heard versions ever since, including from Paul McCartney, Adam Levine, and DMX.

Fun fact: Withers didn’t originally intend to say the famous "I know" line 26 times; it was just a placeholder for lyrics that he eventually planned to pen. But a gaggle of legendary musicians happened to be in the studio while he was recording, including Graham Nash, Stephen Stills, and Booker T., and they told him it was great. "They were all these people with all this experience and all these reputations, and I was this factory worker in here just sort of puttering around. So when their general feeling was, 'leave it like that,' I left it like that," Withers said.

9 "Hallelujah" // Leonard Cohen

After being featured in every TV drama and sweeping cinematic moment, Leonard Cohen himself once agreed with a suggestion that maybe it was time to retire "Hallelujah" and its endless cover versions. Cohen also found it amusing that the song received so much attention, because his record label refused to release the album it was originally on. He later changed his mind about the covers, saying, "once or twice I've felt maybe I should lend my voice to silencing it but on second thought no, I'm very happy that it's being sung."

10m "And I Love Her" // The Beatles


Very interesting. I wouldn't have guessed that on #10. I think I had heard that about #1 before though.


I would not have been surprised but it´s in the top 20
14 "House of the Rising Sun" // The Animals
But thanks for making me curious 😂 !LOLZ


How can you tell if your smartphone is good at playing music?
By the number of gigs it has.

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Personally, I'm not that attracted to that style of music, but as I write this, I gave several of the songs a chance and loved them. I really did. Excellent work, my friend.


Damn bro, that was worth writing it. That is why I love to write these music posts, if someone discovers one amazing, cool, new, attractive song my objective is achieved. I fully understand that this is quite an acquired taste, and certainly not for everyone but it brought back a lot of cool memories for me🤘