My Friends are into Hip Hop but I am into Filk - (A newbie introduction to Filk Music)



Yes, yes as promised I was gonna write you a Filk Special. Call it: A newbie introduction to Filk.
And yes, yes yes.... I admit I stole that title from this great Belgian Band called:

The Radios - I'm into Filk

Now it must be a typo because I am sure he is singing I am into Filk. Last time I already quickly explained what the Fritters Filk is all about. But many of you are probably like me and have a mind made out of Swiss Cheese and ears that only listen when they get paid to do so, hence here we go again.

Filk music is a musical culture, a genre & and a community the songs often use a lot of Folk influences but instead of talking about times long gone, the lyrics are telling stories about science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

It´s a niche genre, so don´t be ashamed you never heard about it. Even though it´s been around since the fifties. Filk can really be considered modern musical storytelling, like this story about a lovely medic.

Mercedes Lackey - Medic

Based on my research it´s a genre that is dying out, it peaked in the eighties but did not really carry forward into the nineties. But I with my goth, fantasy, and Wicca background love these folk-inspired songs, as they often tell a very interesting tale. These songs are maybe best described as bardic, telling stories about modern sagas with a futuristic twist.

Like this one about how they woke up Merlin who had been trapped for centuries (yes Arthurs Merlin) when they were digging for a brand new shopping mall.
But maybe I am just a sucker for a beautiful song with a witty tale

Kathy Mar - Merlin

Just check out those lyrics, it´s such a cool little story about that devilish magician.

Back in the days when FILK was a little hotter than today people used these things called tapes, audio cassettes. And somewhere lost in an attic I am sure there are cases filled with these things and funny weird filk songs like 9 to 5 Barbarian.

Bill Sutton - 9 to 5 Barbarian

I'm a nine-to-five barbarian!
Don't have to do no paperwork, I'm happy as a clam

Not a farmer or librarian!
I'm a killer with a vengeance and a profit-sharing plan

As you can hear they are not all ancient songs with a beautiful story, many are just weird funny tales. I know I mentioned the genre is dying but there are some people still active in the community. Luke Ski is one of those people, although he took a more comical approach but does an amazing job. This one was on his channel and it´s a bit out of sync with today's story but too funny not to share:

"My Least Favorite Things" by Tammy Faye Starlite

And now for something a litter more modern, just to prove Filk made it past the eighties or did we have Techno Nerds before we had Techno?

Urban Tapestry Technonerdboy

So yes I guess this is a bit of a nerd scene, and well I am old enough to not give a flying unicorn about that. Flik is well known for its tributes and parodies so let´s play a huge nerd tribute. Star wars, pretty girls, and a funny parody what else would a Nerd wish for?

ALL ABOUT THAT BASE (Star Wars Parody - Meghan Trainor's All About That Bass)

Sorry, I am drifting away from the core Filk feel, but that doesn´t mean we have to let that Star Wars vibe go. So let´s go hardcore Filk and mix it Jedi style.

The Last Jedi Drinking Song · Brobdingnagian Bards

There is just one type of Filk song that is able to beat Star Wars......
Songs that relate to the original Start Trek series and of course Filk will tribute those heroes

He's Dead Jim - Julia Ecklar

As we are talking about dead already, this might be a good moment to introduce my favorite niche within the niche....OSE Filk songs. OSE is a derivative of that beautiful dark word morose.

These are the darkest, gloomiest, and bloodiest of what Filk has to offer. Well as the Wheel of time is a hit again, this last song was based on the book, and damn it´s as dark as Filk gets.

The Wheel of Time: Color of Trust

That does it, lights out and happy nightmares!


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