Noise.Cash Free BCH Tips Have Dried up - But there is good news!


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Not so long ago I wrote this review of the Noise. App:

Walkthrough and Review of the Noise.App

High Level I ended with the fact that I did not have too many complaints, which did not change. What did change is the other important factor.

I wrote about Monetization, and that is a topic that speaks to many of us. Especially now that it´s becoming clear that the fountain of BCH on Noise Cash is drying up rapidly.

It went from fewer tips to hardly any tips over the last two weeks and today marks the first day I have not received any tips. I always knew that this moment would come in the nearly two years I have been on Noise Cash. At the same time, I hoped it would never happen.

It Did Happen

Yes, it did happen and it´s a sign of the times. The talking head is trying to tell us something..... But he or she is not using any words. The last message was a month ago when the wallet failed.


But the drying up of the funds needs no further explanation. And we are not getting any, not even from our favorite Part-time Dev Simon.


So I guess my Noise Cash journey is bound to end. But it ain't all bad.

Not Too Bad

Things are not as bad as they seem, as I have been noticing something. Where in the past there were some tests done with the donations and I received a couple of cents.

But times they are changing, and that change comes in the shape of increased donations.

Four days ago I received 12 cents in donations on the Noise.App.

Three days ago I received 29 cents in donations on the Noise.App.

Two days ago I received 33 cents in donations on the Noise.App.

And today, the first day I did not receive any tips from the Noise.Cash fund I received 67 cents from the Noise.App.

Now that may sound like great news, and it is...but there is a but.

There is no way users can determine where these funds go.

On Noise cash you received funds you could spend on good content that others provided and keep a percentage yourself. In the Noise App the donations go directly to the BCH donation wallet you can add under settings.

Back in the days

Back in the days, we had a similar situation, when you received tips from the platform but not from the users and that caused a lot of people to join the platform and just post spam to get rewards.

Quality should be rewarded and I hope that the Noise.App has a smart AI that can distinguish between spam and content..... but I doubt that as that would be quite an achievement.

Maybe the platform will benefit from the obligatory invites, avoiding too many spammers joining at once.

Still, this worries me.

Other doubts

Next to that, I have some doubts about the interaction on the platform as you lack channels.

Another thing is that you need to follow each other to comment on a post. An interesting setup that might succeed, but at the same time throws up a threshold for easy interactions.

Bottom Line

It looks like the rewards/donations are getting to an interesting level, similar to what you could obtain on Noise.Cash.

I lack the channels / Groups options to allow people that do not know each other but have a common interest can connect.

And I doubt the fact that the invite and follow each other features will avoid a tsunami of spammers when they hear about the increased donations.

All we can do is wait, and start saying goodbye to that old friend Noise.Cash and embrace the Noise.App to ensure the good times can continue.

If you did not follow me on the Noise.App yet you can find me here:

If you did not join the Noise.App yet and you promise not to Spam, here is an invite for the first 10 readers:

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Maybe thing will get better and time will tell if they are going to provide tips again.


I dont think so they are cleary making a push to the new app, which is fine but there is no option there to reward good content as far as we know.


concerning your question on

still trying to collect your feedback on the move from NoiseCash to the NoiseApp.

Haha, I would write my thoughts over there, but cannot because you dont follow me and there is no way to contact someone there??



It´s horrible I know. But I do follow you now, gound you even without a search functionality ;)