Perial, A Devilish Dilemma - Complete Story 12 Chapters


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Dear reader, Initially I thought that this would be a very dark fairy tale till I looked up the definition of a Fairy Tale:

A fairy tale is an instance of folklore genre that takes the form of a short story. Such stories typically feature mythical entities such as dwarfs, dragons, elves, fairies and Peris, giants, Divs, gnomes, goblins, griffins, mermaids, talking animals, trolls, unicorns, or witches, and usually magic or enchantments.

Now my story meets the short story and magic requirement, but can God, his Angles, and the Devil be seen as mythical entities? Or even be considered folklore?

Hence Fairy it is a Celestial Tale, about a human turning into a Dark Angel and planning to re-establish the balance between heaven and earth, his way.

Chapter One

The protagonist Perial, is not allowed into heaven. The question might even be if heaven is still open. Perial was also not expecting to get into heaven. He has other plans. He is the latest to be recruited at the table of the horned one.

Chapter Two

Chapter two gives a small glimpse of what Perial is truly planning is revealed. It seems like he is planning to create his own army. An Army of dark souls picked up out of the gutter of life and bound to his cause.

Chapter Three

Perial is like the pied piper of hell, collecting those who got burned by life. Whose desires have been stolen, whose souls have been mangled so bad that they are looking to him as their savior.

Chapter Four

Perial arrives back on earth with all his newfound powers and a plan to raise an army, an army of black nymphs as he calls them. He will seduce them in an unearthly way knowing that they will never feel this type of pleasure again.

The first seduction makes a big impact, it makes Perial remember he´s human, or at least was human.

Chapter Five

Our protagonist has the ability to be at several levels of this astral plane at the same time. This might confuse the human mind, but if there are different realities and you can see through those veils, you can exist in both, And so he wanders off to Trantica, the origin of the universe, while she lies in his arms.

Chapter Six

Things get a little hot, and Perial experiences how not being human changes your perception of time. One moment she is there and her tongue is.... well just read the chapter. And the next moment she is gone. Although he´s not really aware it looks like he still has some human feelings after all he has gone through to get rid of those.

Chapter Seven

His Army needs training, his blood needs to be taught how to live ...... the ways of the nymphs. That teacher needs to be earthly, but unearthly and I think we might just find that lady tonight.

Chapter Eight

Why this Army, how much further does his bloodline need to spread. How much longer does the secret need to be kept.

Chapter Nine

Through the eyes of the patroness, I see the eyes of a child, my child. The daughter or granddaughter of the last woman I felt. My blood is taking position, and now my Dear Reader the end is near.

Chapter Ten

Perial enters His sanctuary, his bloodline is ready. Hands on earth raise to heaven in his support. Will it be enough?

Chapter Eleven

As he enters His sanctuary and challenges his maker, Perial is getting more than he bargained for.

Final Chapter

How would you like it if you found out that everything you think you have been planning was cooked up by somebody else?