Perial, A Devilish Dilemma - Chapter 6


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Recap Chapter 1-5

In the previous parts, I walked into hell, met its ruler, and walked out of that place gifted.

Now that I am back on earth I am able to travel to places where very few souls went before.

Why did I come back?

To obtain the eternal devotion of my black nymph's army, an army I am planning to use to re-establish the balance between heaven and earth. To keep those plans a secret I traveled to a place called Trantica. It´s the center of the origin. The only place where my thoughts are solely mine.

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Chapter 6

(My role is clear to me, my task impossible. Yet completing it is the sole object of this choice I made. I must arm myself, my army must grow.

She will form the ruling class so that their pretexts are followed by the masses.

The masses who never appreciated me will eventually provide me with the power.)

The memory of the girl next to me, light years away from here, comes to mind. Her body still rests there next to mine. What is she doing here in my mind? I ban her and continue my lessons. Infinity possesses an enormous amount of wisdom, all wisdom can be traced back to a few key concepts. Only the overview is important. People are so easily steered and distracted. That´s why humankind easily loses sight of the real simplicity of survival.

To adapt is to survive, not to adapt is to live. The real picture has little appreciation for individuals. There are simply two types. Those who are needed for the lore and those who survive to pass on the lore.

My being is part of a story that few know about. On my own initiative, I threw myself into 'his' arms. My soul did not fully surrender. But blinded by its value I was included in his circle.

The son of the stars claimed by the lord of the earth. His lady's protégé at the mercy of his whims. At least he expects his claim to adhere to the tasks assigned. Even without absolute certainty, the horned one fulfilled his age-old wish to make a child of the stars and the sun part of his black legion.

I wanted no other role than the one I was gifted with, now that it is mine I enjoy the charm of being the smooth suitor without remorse, without fear. Ensured of the desired result before I start. I fulfill her wonderfully, my role as a dark angel with earthly bonds. But never was I his or hers, both blind to my reality.


The change of dimensions is wonderful. Far away from here, she cuddles up close to me, puts her leg over mine, and kisses me on the neck. Her tongue follows my spine, soft and warm she splits my back with a layer of saliva all the way down to my buttocks. She continues her way gently on the inside of my thighs. She kisses her way back to my lips. When she looks up into my distant gaze her smile bares her innocence.

For a moment I do not know my place, a tenth of a second bewildered by a human feeling. Unappetizing even disfigured, but certainly present. My arms slide over her body, they radiate, creating passion throughout her fibers and atoms. Like wax in my arms, she squirms closer, deeper inside me. Her tongue restless in my neck, when her teeth don't bite into my flesh.

The enchanting community in the name of Mundi, the result of carnal lust.

Then she's gone, her time so limited, while only my body notices that I miss her.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Into My Arms (Official Video)

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This story is mine and was originally written in Dutch, I finally got around to working on the translation I hope you enjoy let me know in the comments.

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