Perial, A Devilish Dilemma - Chapter 7


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Recap Chapter 1-6

In the previous parts, I walked into hell, met its ruler, and walked out of that place gifted.

Once I returned to earth I was able to travel to places where very few souls ever went.

Why did I come back?

I am planning to re-establish the balance between heaven and earth. To keep those plans a secret I travel to a place called Trantica. It´s the center of the origin. The only place where my thoughts are solely mine.

The plan involves an army of black nymphs. My first Nymph just died in my arms tonight, and for a second my body felt a human emotion.

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Chapter 7

(I have not experienced that feeling again in the coming centuries.
Still, I look for her in every woman. When the possibilities are so vast. When there is no chance of failure. When emotion is only experienced as an outsider. When an orgasm is just a pathetic pile of semen that manages to fertilize an inedible egg with difficulty.
Then physical pleasure is the largest loss.)

My impatience grows, my world is created. The big wait has begun, my failure to complete my "task" cannot be exposed before that one apocalyptic moment. My power grows, my arms reach beyond those of my "master" evermore without his knowledge. I have obtained this exceptional position. But I never chose her, she tied herself to me. Permeated by it while my being is forced by it.

I am never in a hurry, I am always where I am needed. The time has come for a new phase. My nymphs will spread their veils over the world, raise my children and send them off to do my bidding. That I may have them return to me later, their beauty will be breathtaking, as will their offspring.

Back in the safety of my place between dimensions. Where no eye ever catches my shadow, I disappear again into the blind spot of divine sight. Already here where I have control over both worlds, without making direct contact with either. Here I feel strong, but not strong enough for the planned confrontation. Another century or more before mankind is laced with my blood. My blood carries my wishes, enshrined in her genetics.

A scream in my head, simple forces calling to me. The ritual is not performed correctly, but her sincere supplication works wonders. Silently I descend behind her. Without her noticing anything I follow her, she kneels at each of the five candles. I accept my earthly body so the circle of salt, around the pentagram, does not bother me. Then I step into the circle visibly and somewhat illuminated.

"Stand up woman!"
It's as if the sound fills the whole room. It still vibrates while I'm silent. The woman throws herself at my feet, "I am your servant," she repeats as if it were a mantra. I put my hand on her skull and calm her down. I feel myself holding her mind in my hand. "Devil at last you´ve come, blessed by the devil for my impending end. I have been successfully accepted by the master."

Leaving her in that delusion, I light the rest of the candles in the room with a wink and dim the lights. The shadows are already dancing. "Ever danced with the devil in dim light?" The excess of candles is extinguished at the puckering of my lips. The music swells, I take her and lead her. The completely stunned woman follows faithfully. Unfortunately without grace, and so the music disappears, we supply the lamps with power again and continue the initiation.

She will be the patroness of my children. I run my hand over her third eye, she collapses, all muscles paralyzed in my grip. I take her spirit with me to the world between the dimensions, where I can train her in peace. The woman, lonely for eternity, no descendants, no family, isolated and obsessed with the unknown.

Logical, if mankind doesn't want to know you.


You will never age, be gray, or wrinkle. Eternally you will be the beauty you wished for in solitude. Until you die, you never have to be lonely again. I fulfill her dearest wishes one after another. I give her my children. She will teach them what she does not understand but can explain wonderfully.

Once back in her reality she awakens in her miserable monotony, with me like a lucid dream. A dream that cannot be explained as reality, and therefore will be forgotten.

A dream that will be simmering invisibly in her subconscious, the memories of her sojourn float in eternity. She will not recognize herself. Being fed by impulses that arise from the connection she has made with my blood.

Nico (Velvet Underground) v.s. Apoptygma Berzerk - All Tomorrow's Parties

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This story is mine and was originally written in Dutch, I finally got around to working on the translation I hope you enjoy let me know in the comments.

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