Personal Story With A Soundtrack - Do You believe in Magic? Part 3


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Here is where Part 2 ended:

I made myself meet Sai, and until today she has led me on. Made me believe that she and I go back a very long time. Back to pre-medieval Japan where I was the teacher and she the student.

It was many conversations later that I found that her name wasn't she at all, it was not even Sai. She was Saimin, or 済民 in Japanese. A name that translates into: "relieving the sufferings of the people."

And I, I was enchanted to meet her.


Part 3

'Relieving the sufferings of the people,' sounds like the person I would send myself. The thing is that I wrote 300 pages on what I think I remembered from those days in Japan. I was a teacher, I traveled and discovered a world few of the people in my village would ever enter. I know I returned after I satisfied my wanderlust.

The thing is Saimin has not appeared on any of those 300 pages. I assume we must have met after I returned. As that is a period I did not recollect yet.

Victoria Wood - Reincarnation Song

Lost In The Trees - "Past Life"

Sai was not the only entity that entered this girl that I was drawn to in such an extreme manner. This girl's gift was that she was like a radio ....not able to receive any short-wave channels, but very well-equipped to receive broadcastings from the other plains.

Little Feet

That was a lesson I learned from Little Feet. Looking back I am not sure who thought me most Saimin or Little Feet. It was Little Feet who told me that if she was not with me she was going to school. She was not the only one attending that special school in which the lessons were provided by Sai.

Little Feet was a childlike entity, a chatterbox that loved chocolate. Contrary to how Sai was arriving, little feed announced her coming by shuffling the feet of her host. She was convinced that she would soon be born again, as my daughter. If that would truly happen, that would mean that I sat here talking to my daughter before that seed was even planted.

Aradia Morrigan - Voices From The Other Side (AUDIO) ft. Robin Marchetti, Indigo & the Sirens

Now you might call that improbable nonsense or a F´ed up fragment of my overactive imagination. I did so at first.

But she was convinced, and in time her conviction convinced me. I was so sure that years later, when the doctor told me I would be having a son, I was shocked. I felt the blood drain from my face and I asked the good man if he was sure. The doc showed me the undeniable evidence.

There goes my magical mystery entity´s story. Little Feet was supposed to be born as Ella-Chiara (as my ex would not allow me to call her Elegna). Now, this guy shows me a that the baby in that belly has a tingle-dingle.

I went outside to get some fresh air. During my walk I was able to turn things around quickly. I came up with a new name, Kyrian-Elijah and nobody was able to change that.

Kyrie Eleison

This was not how things were supposed to unfold. I accepted, but it confused my understanding of that what we do not understand. Did this prove that the so-called gifted radio girl was nothing more than a troubled mind looking for attention?

The confusion did not last long as little feet showed up the next day or so. She did not enter this world through "radio-girl", but used my ex-wife instead. Due to me amplifying her abilities she also had the capability to receive, although controlling this pile of flesh and bones took more power from the entities.

Little feet explained me that another entity had cut in line and taken the mortal plunge before she ever got the chance. She was a little sad but went on describing how her brother "the cutter" would throw her in the air and catch her. She told me how she loved him and was certain he would never drop her.

björk - pagan poetry

Till now I only have one son, but he is getting to the age that he could be the brother that throws his little sis in the air, and with his strong arms he would indeed be able to always catch her.

Now the "cutting in line" seems to run in the bloodline. It explains why I never felt I fit in at home. I was meant to be born with my grandparents.

Guess why that did not happen?

Another cutter indeed. My mother cut inline just like my son, which caused me to be born in the wrong nest.

Both cutters are my direct bloodline, both are Libra's.

Lemoncello - Libra

Libra´s carry those scales of justice, but what is just about messing up the plans of the universe. I care for both, but which side are they on? Who is out there messing up the destiny I was destined to complete?


One thing is for sure, it was not America. Oh yes, dear reader, we are not done introducing new characters to the cast. Just like misfortunes, entities never come alone.

As I told you in part one, I am still not sure if I should believe it. I still have days that I doubt the mental stability of all of those involved in this story, myself included obviously.

Why am I bringing this up again, well to tell you to not stop reading and call the loony police on me till you reached the end of the story.

One night lying in bed, radio-girl started shaking, shaking way more than she usually did when some immortal was trying to enter her mortal coil.

This Mortal Coil - Carolyn's Song

When the shaking stopped I was looking into the brightest smile I had ever seen. Eyes almost popping from pleasure and a mouth wide open. By now I was sort of experienced recognizing new visitors and this was a face I never had seen before.

It´s remarkable how an entity´s appearance is reflected in the facial expressions of the host. This face was the face of pure joy.

One of the lessons I learned early on was to always get to know their name, if you know their name you hold power over them, at least in this reality.

"What´s your name?" I asked and the eyes opened even wider, questioning me. Then hands were stroking my face and pointing at the wide open mouth. But no sound, not a single word.

I repeated the question, the eyes I was looking into started to move up, to the right, then to the bottom, and back. It looked very unnatural. When the eyes looked at me again, the hand tapped the throat shaking the head sideways. "Coive, no Coive."

Whi ever it was had just used her host´s brain as a database and looked up how to use a human body in a couple of seconds.

If this was played it was such a great joke on me, could it be? I dismissed the idea, not because of what this entity that in a bit would be named America did. It was what she said that convinced me.

America had checked her host's mind and in a couple of seconds found the information she needed, but America had messed up the letters. She tried to say "Voice", but as the whole usage of vocal cords and words to communicate was new to her she did not get the order right.

Diva Dance from The Fifth Element.Full version

In what universe would somebody be able to put that level of detail into misleading me. Making me believe that I was talking to an entity that never had a body. An entity that was not from this world and unlike the others, had never been born into this world.

"No Voice I get it," I said, but who are you. She looked at me in a way that told me not to ask useless questions, then turned around and started chewing on a metal spoon that was there on the nightstand.

I took the metal spoon away and explained that we do not do that down here, that it´s kinda hard to digest being human.

She looked at me with those big sad eyes.
Knowing how Little Feet loves chocolate because the bodyless can´t eat, I felt for this big-eyed e.t.

This entity must have traveled light-years, and when it finally was able to enjoy a delicacy it was told no by a talking monkey. That would make anyone sad. I offered it a deal, if it would not chew it could suck on the spoon.

Those eyes flared up, and until this day I have never seen happiness like that again.

Ep7w4G2f1TNck7JYNXDxcNfuzQJAgei8vf5UZyrY98bUCQoR9h85f2ZgjW3SHdAgR72 (1).svg

Dear Reader, Mysticism is like magnetism, if you don't have any you don't see any- As soon as you get involved you will attract more. I attracted much more but it takes time for these stories to grow.

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Ep7w4G2f1TNck7JYNXDxcNfuzQJAgei8vf5UZyrY98bUCQoR9h85f2ZgjW3SHdAgR72 (1).svg


Source Gif Pixabay and gothgirl from Midjourney edited by @eve66


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