Providential - A true story you wouldn´t believe - Chapter 20


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Do you know that feeling, that you have to do something.....but can´t quite remember what?
This story is just that.
I remember being told to write it but I can´t remember what I was supposed to tell you. What I do know is that everything I am going to tell you really happened, even though it may unbelievable sometimes.

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Chapter 20

Now there was a face that I had not seen in quite a while. Possibly I had never seen that face before, because how could this be?
How could Little Feet appear here tonight, in this unfamiliar body?

I was very happy to see her, but at the same time, I was not sure how to react.
Life had made me pretty skeptical and I had told Stephanie about how I was introduced to the world of magic.
She knew about my experience with Dani, not sure how much details I had shared, but she surely was aware of the three personalities I had met in the past.

Even though we were living together for a couple of months now, I still had no clue who she really was. What I did know was that she was quite smart. Mainly because she already brought up twice an IQ test she had taken.

Another thing I knew was that she really loved this new lifestyle she found. A new life with lots of partying, drinking, and plenty of new people. Therefore she had the brains and a clear motivation to keep me interested, because if I would kick her to the curb where would she go?

How was I going to deal with this situation?
It was already confusing enough without me doubting if I was being played.
And asking for a second opinion is not really an option. I mean who are you gonna talk to?

Yes, it might be trickery, her piggybacking off of the disorder Dani had to keep me interested.

It would be very far-fetched in my book, but women are way more sophisticated than men especially when it comes to these kinds of things.

If I learned one thing it is that: "if a smart girl wants something she will weave a web to get it, and that web will be huge ensuring that her prey will get stuck somewhere on those lines."

Men on the other hand barge into that web, do not even notice that they are getting entangled, and enjoy rolling around in the stickiness.


They roll around so long that they become one with what once was that web. So I might get totally blindsided here because I was barging into this relationship as a young bull.

From a deductive perspective, Little Feet did behave very much as I had come to know her. And just like Dani, this girl did not mess up the act for a second.

The thing is that Stephanie knew about the entities which made it harder to believe that his visit was real. What made it even worse was that if this was real it would be a 100% confirmation that there was no DID.

That would conclude that these personalities who body-snatched my lady friends did this for a reason and the only thing they had in common was me.

It all made a strange kind of sense, me being the amplifier and me having asked Sei-Minh to set me straight throughout this lifetime. Hence requiring some means of communication.

If I would accept this narrative as the most logical truth, then why this life?
What could be so critical that I had made the effort to arrange this centuries ago?

Let's leave Cabilah and Little Feet out of the equation just to keep it simple. They might or might not have been sent for or by me. Sei was undoubtedly sent to me from my past if I would accept the story I was told to be true.

In this lifetime Sei always gave me the inkling that she had been my mentor, and I am sure she knew and enjoyed that. As it was many years later during a meditation that another cloud of the fog was lifted and I got to see how things really were.

How did I not see that before?
Sei and I go back a long way, 800 BC somewhere in the east. My novel on that story ends with me returning back to my village and becoming a teacher. By then I had seen many things and learned that there was so much more to study.

There is not a letter on any of those 280 pages mentioning Sei. Therefore it is safe to assume Sei did not happen until the book was closed.
So far so good, I could still have met her afterward and received her teachings then.

But a mentor?
A mentor normally shapes you and guides you on your path. I know that as I had a mentor in that lifetime, in that novel, and it was not Sei.

My mentor was an old wise man, I always think of him as a sort of Mr Myagi from the Karate Kid, but much older. I had never seen him young, but maybe that is because the story starts out just before he dies.

Based on my own novel I was a similar personality back then, a boy unaware of the fact that he is carrying a lot of knowledge.
Information that needed to settle and grow before I understood the meaning.

Just like in this life, I was too consumed by everyday things and my own little ego.
And just like now, that would mean that over time, when the seeds sprouted I would grow into becoming Mr Myagi myself and teach my own Danielsan.

My teacher had guided me, and had planted the seeds of knowledge before he left this world. Making me a young man filled with ancient wisdom, of which I was not even able to grasp a tenth when I left my village and maybe understanding a third when I returned years later.

If you keep that train of thought tracking along, where would Sei-Minh get on? In what type of setting would we need to meet for me to accept a second mentor in my life?

That was probably when the little light bulb above my head lit.

There are very few scenarios imaginable in which Sei would mentor me. I was the village's teacher, the wise man.

Why did I never see that it would be so much more logical had she been my student? Certainly, she would have surpassed me by miles before her body gave out.

This epiphany brought a huge smile to my face, oh how she tricked me.

Was that why she felt like a grandmother because part of her still saw me as that old fragile man that provided her with teachings?
Teachings that allowed her to transcend space and time and meet me in this next life? She must have enjoyed my looking up to her and my humbleness, and mostly the fact that she knew that one day I would figure it out.

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