Providential - A true story you wouldn´t believe - Chapter 21


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Do you know that feeling, that you have to do something.....but can´t quite remember what?
This story is just that.
I remember being told to write it but I can´t remember what I was supposed to tell you. What I do know is that everything I am going to tell you really happened, even though it may unbelievable sometimes.

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Chapter 21

For now, it was only Little Feet that visited, but if her explanation of the radio and amplifier were true and this had nothing to do with any type of personality disorder I expected to see Sei soon, or at least hoped.

It´s great to be paranoid but at some point, you need to respect your doubts, document them, and then move on and take things at face value. Guess what I am trying to say is that I accepted that I was eye to eye once again with the little chocolate lover that called me daddy.

She was the happiest little girl, in a big girl's body. Unfortunately for her, this body was not yet used to being taken over and it took a lot of energy for it to master this shift.

This caused Little Feet to leave sooner than she probably had wished, which left me with the task to explain the girl I was in love with that she had just been body-snatched. Deja Vu right, so how hard could this be, as I had already done this once before?

This time I did not wait weeks with telling Stephania what happened. It probably also helped that she knew about my past experiences.

When she reclaimed ownership of her body she asked what happened, she felt so groggy and could not remember anything but she was sure she did not fall asleep.

"Hmmm, great so she eats the chocolate and I am left feeling like this," was pretty much her initial reaction when I told her what happened.

Meeting Sei took longer than I hoped, I think I did not meet her until the end of that year. Or she made me forget the earlier meetings, again.

The first one I remember was when we were on our way to Paris to celebrate the start of 2005. We went by TGV to celebrate and that night during the ride hat night during the ride Sei showed up. We were sitting there among hundreds of people and of course, that was the moment when Sei decided to say hi. I don´t think anyone noticed, but I noticed something else.

It was as if there was somebody there with her, another onlooker from behind the veil.


It seems that Sei knew that Stephania and I were planning to try and get pregnant as soon as we would return from Paris.
Because that night she told me about our kid, and him growing up.

Now not everything she told us has played out so far. I still remember a story about how the police would bring him home after he had been hang-gliding or something where it was not allowed. They would not be mad, though they would give him a warning.

Further, she told me about a blue turban, and how he, I think our kid, would wear a blue turban and would have an impact on world peace. She also explained how he would make some sort of videos.

Back in the day, I thought he would follow in my journalist's footsteps and make documentaries. Nowadays with Tik Tok, Vloggers, and influencers all over the place, I think his videos will be more hip than what I had in mind.

None of these things happen yet, it would also be hard to believe that a 16-year-old would wear a blue turban, make successful Tik Toks, and have a huge impact on world peace. So maybe this might all still be a work in progress, but I do like to give full disclosure.

Something that did happen, and was mentioned by Sei, is that he would be taken from my direct care at a young age, but not in a bad way. This happened, as after the divorce he and his mom moved far away from where we used to live.

Another strange little thing I discovered when picturing this moment is how in my memory, I felt she was talking about a he that night in that high-speed train.

I might have filled that in afterward, or I might have erased that from my mind at the time. Because as you soon will read I fully expected a she.

I expected Little Feet to be born as my daughter. That would have been an interesting concept, wouldn´t it? And yes in this gender-neutral world, one might argue that an entity could have been both male and female.

It was sort of a promise we made each other back in the Dani days. Once Stephie and I decided that we were going for it she underlined that promise on multiple occasions.

Maybe it's me, maybe Little Feet was really convincing, but I was sure our firstborn would be a baby girl. The question was more how soon is now. As we were ready now, I even stopped smoking weed to ensure my sperm would not be lazy.

That worked very well, maybe too well. The first time we had unprotected sex since getting back from Paris Stephie experienced something weird. She was still lying on the bed with her legs against the rafters of our attic when she start laughing:

"You will not believe what just happened, it was as if I felt something floating into me." I smiled; "Well it wasn´t me I pulled out at least ten minutes ago." We laughed and thought nothing of it.

Two weeks later she made us chicken hearts and livers with mushrooms and onions. A dish I loved as a child and she wanted to treat me to something special. She put a lot of work into preparing them, and it was truly too tasty I had not had that in years.

While we were eating Stephie got up, I think She did not even finish her plate. She walked to the sink and vomited. It came out of nowhere she said when she sat down. No idea where it came from maybe I read something about livers and pregnancies:

"I guess I need to get a pregnancy test tomorrow?"

Stephie laughed; "No! That could not be, right? We agreed on having a year with lots of practice sessions, not getting it right the first time."

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