Providential - My Personal Story Without A Soundtrack Vol.2


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What in the name of Dante´s Inferno am I doing here if there is no soundtrack to my story?

As I explained in vol.1 writing and adding a full soundtrack to every chapter of my story would have made this a very long story.
That is why I only added one song and one illustration because less is more.
I try practicing the art of minimalism.

Dear Reader, I invite you again to dive into this second summary of a real, personal, and totally unbelievable story. It´s a story I was told to write, they only told me the title and I needed to figure out the rest myself.

If a song or summary catches your attention, click on the Chapter Hyperlink and don´t forget to enjoy these gems!

Chapter 11

Sei-Minh my dear, why did you visit me so many years later?

And why would a personality created by trauma be shaped in the form of a wise eastern woman that I had met so many lives ago?

Why did you visit this wanderer, are you for real or just a lullaby?

Chapter 12

Just when you think things could not get weirder, they always get even more estranged.

Looking at your lovely wife while she is saying that she does not care about you, just is hard. Even if you know that it´s only her body, not her mind saying that.

Still, I would do anything to have her love me and not hate me.

Chapter 13

What if beyond the personality you love so much someone else is lurking, just on the edge?

Someone that does not agree with what your love is doing and wants to stop her from going too far.
Influencing the girl you love from beyond the veil.

Chapter 14

Did I just say things could not get stranger, no I did not. Because if things are weird already, they can only get weirder.

I mean if you already met 3 personalities that can access your wife's body, why not invite an alien along?

And once you have met an alien, life will never be the same again.

Chapter 15

If the going gets worse, the worst is yet to keep you going.

For me it seems there is only one way to deal with heartache of losing your love, and that is to find the right kind of distraction to dull it.

And of course, if you are open to distraction, it will find you.

Chapter 16

Karma ain´t no bitch, she is a lady with long nails and stiletto heels always ready to kick you when you are down, and then walk all over you.

And she is no skinny bitch either, so you will feel the weight when Karma´s heels pinch your flesh.

Chapter 17

Forgive for I could not resist, I added a little soundtrack to this chapter.
How could I not if I thought about lying in my bed and thinking of the 2 of us, that scene needed my favorite Suede song.

But even when you dwell in melancholy you should not play with magic, you stupid boy.
You never know what kind of dark horse you will release into your life.

Chapter 18

Luckily every downside has its upside, and every dark horse is followed by a unicorn eventually.

My Unicorn was The One That Got Away, an escape that still hunts me.

Chapter 19

What has hunted me even longer was a story, a dark mystical story about a mill, a dark satanic mill.

A story that was planted in my brain, a seed in my subconsciousness and maybe in the subconscious of many, many others.

That seed just sprouted. No way to stop the machine now.

Chapter 20

No way to stop the seed from growing. At least that is what I thought till that little chocolate monkey showed up.

She spilled the beans so often, but never set me straight on who Sei-Minh really was.

Was she my Master, or rather my Servant?

Hopefully, this was an intriguing second glimpse into my Unbelievable True and Personal story "Providential".

I invite you to read all chapters, and anticipate the many chapters to come! Trust me, this is real, crazy and I have witnessed every last bit of it.

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Amazing! I love how you relate your story to each songs and making it look more fun. I came through #dreemport