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I had the post open for days, simply because it was a good opinionated post.

A post I wanted to reply to. A post that triggered me.

So what´s my fluffing problem?

It was @edje s post!
And I am beginning to be a lot like Christmas Edje.
Meaning if I write him a reply it often ends up being a post. Luckily the root-cause of my problem also provided the solution.

He started this whole Spread The Vibes #STV Movement, maybe because it would allow him to do what I am gonna do.

Write a whole post as a reply!

What Post are you on about Dude?

Calm your breasts, I am that soon enough;

Bashing and Shitting on and Disrespecting Artists isn't Cool

Now I am not gonna take a poo on the Artist, but damn that post hurt my eyes. All Tekst, one pic, two emoji´s and paragraphs that went beyond my attention span.


Hence I needed to read it trice.

Not so much because of the story but because so many parts spoke to me.

Overall it brought me back to the same place Edje was, different scene but same place.

It was the only electronic genre in which I felt nobody to judge one another, regardless. Perhaps also one of the few electronic music styles that attracted the 'nerds' and 'introverts'.

That is exactly how I felt when I entered the alternative rock & metal scene.

But As you know I like it darker and soon I slipped into the more goth side of the spectrum. I love that dark moody music, and I don´t care if it´s industrial, electronic, synth-pop, rock, mid-evil, or metal.

Yes, that genre covers them all. So far so good, until I entered "The Scene". These guys love to dress up, and the girls are even worse.

These guys take their lifestyle so seriously.

I kind of understand all these artists who feel being replaced by others who don't live music 24/7, who don't try and create their own sound, those who seem to take the easy road.

This crowd was just like that. They think they live the music 24/7 and they do not respect those who are there just for the weekend.

Imagine their faces when I stepped into the DJ Booth wearing a white T-shirt and stone-washed blue jeans. Full disclosure, I did not wear that the first time I played the venue.


I did it when I was so sick of the scene thinking they were Goths' gift to music, fashion & lifestyle.

The thing is that the alternative crowd loved a bit of Goth, but the Goths wanted Goth, Goth, and more dead. These guys and dolls were so gothic, they were dead.

Anything that did not fit their little dark corner of the world was canceled before canceling was even a thing.

At that time, I was playing in so many different places and so many different genres. I played 80s, I played student parties, I played alternative rock/metal/dance nights, and I even played weddings.

On the side, I played some very cool underground Goth parties, small clubs catering to a crowd that was so nice they did not have a place of their own.

They did not care what people wore they were there for the music, sharing that underground vibe.

And then there were these Goths.... the "real" goths that joined the parties I co-starred in the WillemEen. These Goths were so used to having their bi-monthly night that it became an in-crowd.
An in-crowd that was spoiled and catered to. They goth a DJ that gave in to all their dark desires. A DJ who dressed even better than they did and had the same depressive outlook on life.

They vomited on everyone & everything that did not fit into their scene.


Because they thought they could, they considered themselves the OGs because their world wasn´t bigger than that one night every two months.

Anything that didn´t look and smell like hardcore Goth was considered, no it was not even considered.

There was no consideration for anything beyond what black McDonalds Music they were fed every night, by this Ronald McDonald dressed in leather.


When you are a small scene, when you are a small community you start losing grip on reality. You don´t see how big the world really is, it´s called poverty, perception poverty.

Basically, it´s reversed social exclusion, the scene is outcasted by the mainstream and therefore outcasts the mainstream as not being real stream.

Hmmmm that reminds me of a previous post.

And they were because, within the alternative rock/dance/metal scene where more or less everyone was accepted, they stood out as a sour thumb.
Because they would discard everything that did not fit their black Mcdonalds' diet was ignored. They just stood their all night waiting on those two songs that were accepted by their scene.

Which gave these guys & dolls the label, I am SO GOTHIC I AM DEAD.
And I would play this song, sorry it only makes sense if you´re Dutch:

Quick Summary:
There is this Goth Girl Sitting at the bar. She looks so horrible down, leaves her walkman on the bar, this semi-normal guy listens to it, is surprised about how brutal the music is, he wants her to be happy, replaces the cassette by another cassette that contains the Beatles, Beach Boys & Blink 182.

Guess If Goths would revamp that song in English, it would be a bit like this:

Now I also had Goth girls that dance to Britney Spears and within three songs dance to this before getting into the real stuff.

Those are the real goths and yes she has some Britney similarities even in the name.

Nobody is dark and gloomy 24/7. And I you are, there are emergency hotlines, give them a try but don´t mess up my venues by giving me shit because I did not wear black.

Yes, that night I dressed up in blue jeans and a white shirt, while still having my summer tan was indeed my last night I played for these guys.

Two months later I played for 2000 people, while they were still having their little funeral with the same 50 people they have been with for the last 3 years.

I played a lot of different styles and had 200 people calling my stage name and calling "We want more," at the end of that night.

Those guys and girls yelling danced to almost everything while wearing shirts of Manson, Cradle, and Slayer.


Because they were open to have a good night, they loved to hear their songs which they knew I would play. But they respected that everyone loved to hear their songs and not just their songs (do I still make sense).

What I am trying to say:

If you have been getting Goth McDonalds all your life it will take some time and change management to adjust to Taco Bell being stuffed down your throat. But at a certain point, you will find something you enjoy. You will start to respect the food, and have to admit that even Taco Bell has some tasty stuff.


Respect the food, Respect the artist, and have a good time because there is so much more great stuff to be explored outside of your in-crowd.

(Even Respect Authors That Make You Read There Story Trice)
@Edje I hope I inspired a full-page reply and stick to your style, its probably all we´ve got, and all styles deserve respect.

What is Spread The Vibes

If you want to know more about the Spread The Vibe Challenge not A challenge please clikerdeeclick me

Thank goodness you made it till the end Pees, Love and I am out of here!

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Hey @whywhy, I did a music-inspired fiction for one of the songs that you shared two weeks ago.

Good People Do Bad Things. Do you remember? I told you I was going to download all the songs on that list and I did. I have been listening to them since then 😍🥳

Now, let me preview these ones and see if I'll find favorites to add to my playlist 🎊🎊


I definitely remember that, why didnt you drop the link to the post now I need to look for it myself 😜 . This one does not have such awesome songs as they were more meant to illustrate the story, but my post last Friday had some very nice tunes


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WOW, did I really make you think of this post for days?

Very interesting experience you bring forward. Didn't realise the hardcore Goth fans weren't that open-minded. Would've thought otherwise. Fortunately, you found a different sub-group around Goths not being that close-minded. The clothing part is an identity in many sub-cultures, but even when so, I prefer openmindness. Something I rarely found to be honest. I mean, in plenty of sub-cultures they will not really accept a different style. However, not in the techno sub-culture of the 90s and beyond. I remember testing this on a few occasions by e.g. wearing an office suit to a techno event, or a flashy trance outfit with screaming colours. At no time I was getting remarks or hints I should wear something else. Sure, these tests may not have been enough to conclude overall, but but but ;)

Uhm, am ending the comment here? Yes, I do. Not a whole book this time. NJOY today, and tomorrow, and all days coming towards you.


WOW, did I really make you think of this post for days?

I said I had it open for a week !LOLZ that did not say I was thinking for a week. But as I had to read it twice/trice I did think about it especially because it sounded so familiar in many ways.

And I know what you mean, but the place I was resident was pretty open minded even when it came down to clothes and I tested that as well. But I have to agree, many sub cultures are anything but open minded.

Yeah this one does not need a lot of back and forth as we basically had a similar experience in very different scenes. Although I never considered myself a Goth because I just like way too many styles to limit myself. Guess that´s my take on life as well do not limit yourself and try new Techno!

Thanks for not writing a book so I don´t have to write another STV to reply😂 and have a great week, then a horrible weekend so you appreciate the great week after that weekend!


"...have a great week, then a horrible weekend..."


rest me the wish you the same 😂

owwww, and yea, I was putting things a bit out of context regarding the weeks of thinking and the close-minded experiences. writers' freedom, I suppose 😂