STV - Ugly People Music (Things Are Not All Black And White)

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Damn, Damn!
Damn It!

I did not want to do this!

This was not the plan!

I have been writing a nice series of Spread The Vibes (STV) posts on my lazy Sunday Mornings....and I was just ready to shock you all.

There was no #STV post planned for this Sunday. I promised you previously I would rewrite The Book of Revelations. Create an awesome music-driven version of that Good Book.

Hell, I have been pouring Blood Sweat & Tears into that first chapter for two weeks. I was just about to finish it and then life happens.....AGAIN!

En Serio?

Seriously, why is god interfering with my creation? I am not messing with his, am I?

Hmm, maybe I am.

I mean it is Sunday, and rewriting his Book of Revelations might be considered blasphemy. And so the big guy upstairs was like.... I know how to stop that little dude. I know his weak points.

He loves black & white. He loves contrast, he loves the darkness, slightly scary stuff, and most of all he loves Ugly People Music.

So let´s seduce him with some pics in his favorite community and then use his biggest soft spot against him, little girls saying overly cute things as in calling The Misfits Ugly People Music.

God Won round One

Yes, he did it.

But I can´t help it, the post itself was how I like them:
A good story that is well-linked to music.

That´s what I always look for when trying to find inspiration for my next #STV and God he knows me and served on a silver platter.

I could not ignore the Ugly People Music thingy but that story and those pictures completely seduced me. FYI I stole those pics for my header @chris-chris92 let me know if you want them back😉

Just read it yourself and see what I mean:

Roads: An Inspired Photo-journey by The Misfits [ENG/ESP]

I'm not much of a lover of the darkness, the "b" side of life, or the Punk Rock scene. I've always been a girl of mainstream musical tastes.

A mainstream girl, with mainstream taste. I always thought Iggy sang Mainstream now I see it was Mainstreet but the intent of the song by this old punk hero is still the same.

Just Pretend You´re Normal

Many of us are forced into pretending we are normal. Forced to be mainstream, to not stand out in the crowd, to look at the world through Main Street Eyes while the big boys roll by.

Punk made us see it was not all Glam & Glitter, it was an eye-opener that was quickly shut down by those who wanted to keep us blind.

The fact that somewhere in this mainstream girl sits a bit of punk, screaming to get out is wonderful....there is probably a bit more darkness to her story than you see at first glance....I feel it in the pics even more than her words.

At the same time, I feel it might not be allowed to come out.

Ugly People Music

Because a little girl calling loud music Ugly People Music is exactly how the world is made to look at anything not mainstream.

Mainstream is what bred and fed this little girl, growing up in a TicToc Insta world. Surrounded by an unachievable paradise, growing up & getting a Frankenstein sense of beauty.

This world is creating a generation, well multiple generations of Misfits that can never compete with the beauty in the eyes of the Main Street Beholders.

This whole country is scared of failure
My head keeps trying to sell me ambition
But my heart, I want self-respect
There's a conflict

Iggy Pop said it years ago, it´s nothing new, it only got worse, rapidly. So many people who can no longer self-reflect have lost all sense of self-respect because they are living under pressure from an Instagramable Fantasy World that they consider reality.

I have to smile while I should cry when I see those 11-year-olds posing for their next picture or prepping for their next TicToc, working so hard to be considered The Beautiful People.

They set themselves up for instant failure without knowing, and worst of all without being protected from it by mothers working hard to post their own next fake fantasy view attractor.

Mothers and daughters, all looking for likes, from the outside world because they were not properly taught that the best likes come from the inside world.

Taught that what is not mainstream is ugly by definition. I am sure that a Mom loving the Misfits has a better perspective than most and that her daughter probably is gonna love that Ugly People music in a few years from now.

But we all should have some Ugly People Music in our lives and in our kids lives to remember that it´s sometimes awesome to not be mainstream. To be weird and different, to be dark & chaotic, to be real, to be our complex selves.

Things Are Not All Black And White

That what is considered ugly often has much more to offer than that what is considered beautiful en mass.
It makes us humans messed up beings with too much complexity. Too many humans try to hide what is not socially acceptable, and they create a society of sociopaths in the process.

They grow up in a world where everything is aimed at the world outside, sacrificed for views and likes, and lacking a warm cozy place called home.

Home is where the heart is, or used to be, or at least should be.

What is Spread The Vibes

If you want to know more about the Spread The Vibe Challenge not A challenge please clikerdeeclick me

Thank goodness you made it till the end Peace, love and I am out of here!



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Think like this: Fortunately, plenty of people want to be mainstream, not different to others. This gives room for those who don't like to conform, some kind of uniqueness. When all of us wouldn't conform to the mainstream, suddenly mainstream becomes rare. Am I making sense? Likely not! Have to blame it to the weekend that has passed by now 😂

Note1: am wondering two things: 1) are people consciously hiding their non-mainstream side of themselves? 2) how would people go about mainstream and being different like a century ago, or even two or three, or 100?

Note2: not too long ago when being e.g. a woman and showing no mainstream characteristics, suddenly she would be defined as a witch and burned. perhaps pre-Insta times hasn't been that different to post-Insta times.


On Note 1& 2: Definitely!
True Non-conforming beings are better off today than any day except the 90s ;)
The insta curse relates more to trying to obtain an unaccomplishable and fake idea of mainstream, where previously you just wanted to look like the daughter of the Count....which might have been just as unachievable but at least she was not using filters, props and AI.

It´s only human to want to fit in, but the Peer pressure nowadays is worse, because previously you would do what your dad did, or be a wife. Nowadays there are so many options, so many unwritten social rules, whereas previously you just did what your mom & dad did, which required fewer mainstream rules to comply with.

On Note 1: Not sure, I know the freak in me and I think most of us have met our creepy non mainstream ugly people side. While many will ignore or act like that freak isn't there I think most of us are aware of our inner Ugglieness....but I may hold humankind in to high regard.

And another problem I have is I see beauty in Ulgyness so maybe I am not the one to call this out


When I was a kid, not even left my first decade on earth, I already learned whatever was shown in magazines, was fake. I spend my school time, living in boarding schools surrounded by kids of both sexes. The girls especially were told not to try and see the pictures in Cosmopolitan, Vogue and whatever magazine as true and honest. Without the internet, less of those in our faces, but the fakeness wasn't too much different.

Peer pressure. Could be this is more intense these days, but I remember quite some peer pressure in the schools I was in, as well as at boarding school. Kids can be nasty towards each other. And I lived between kids 24/7, at least during the weekdays, evenings, and nights. Lots and lots of peer pressure. Can't tell if such is more intense these days. I don't have kids, so I don't hear the stories every day. But when peeps say this is the case, I shall believe them.

That said these days peeps are becoming more sensitive, perhaps even more weak. Not sure if 'weak' is the correct word. What the cause is, I dont know, but I find it a tat too easy to blame this on the internet and social media, as so many peeps do. Our cultures have changed (in black/white terms) from being socially responsible to me me me which had nothing to do with Internet. Perhaps this shift also results in all the shizzle we are in now.

I do see the beauty in 'ugliness' as well 😉 My friends think I am at least a tat weird and strange. Whenever they tell me this, I get this fuzzy feeling, a pleasurable one. So I must like the fact that I am not part of the herd 😉


No her for us!

People becoming more sensitive is a logical response to the world being so harsh, it´s like flower power all over again if you ask me. And that flower power revolution brought some change, and so will this one. But the Wokeness will die down and become integrated within the new normal. Society is an ever-changing animal, but change always comes in waves.

The internet a beautiful horror, we get so much inputs that it seems we resolve to individualism instead of connection. Guess too much connection will do that, it´s a natural response ; doing the opposite.

All that information and connection makes people only pick the info and connections that fit their view, and at the same time they think they know it all because they have the internet and are listening to people that are preaching to their choir.

I guess you indeed had serious peer pressure growing up. I hardly had any. I grew up pretty poor in a pretty wealthy area. Growing up I did not have what my friends had, but nobody really cared. I had no peer pressure at all because I did not give a toss. But for those who do give a F it is kinda sick. Depression because of not looking like an insta queen while you are only 14.

I mean I think that is definitely worse now than when you could onlñy compare yourself to Vogue and the Hitkrant-

I do have a kid, but he´s kinda smart enough to not fall for fakeness and peer pressure (hmm not giving a toss might be in the DNA. But the internet makes their life harder ins ome ways. It´s so much easier to bully someone, or make someone feel left out now that you have mobile phones.

But it´s not just the internet, society is pushed or is choosing to live more and more in isolation. Which is great for those in power because if people are disconnected they are less likely to stand up all together. Divide and conquer.

But who am I just a grumpy guy who does not like most mainstream people, I prefer the ones that listen to Uglu People Music every once in a while.


Personally, I wasn't too susceptible to peer pressure. I am odd in a way anyway, and learned that already when I was young. But I saw lots of it around me. Simply because so many kids always living together. But had this strange experience in high school. My math teacher singled me out because of my high grades. Using me as an example to those who didn't do that well, openly in the classroom. Obviously, those kids started to dislike me big time. I didn't care too much until it happened a few times these other kids/teenagers started fighting me. Still am puzzled why this teacher did what he did. At the same time, I made special deals with this math teacher. For instance, allowing me to do my homework for other classes, something that was a no-go for the rest of the class or even the entire school. Obviously not liked by a bunch of other kids/teenagers. But I didn't care 😂

Anyways, it isn't easy to live in today's age. Was reading a long article by a group 3 and 6 teachers yesterday. Her experiences with parents. She says: I can handle kids, the easy ones but also the difficult ones. But I can't handle parents. Plenty of parents tell here their kids need special care, a special program since they have high IQ. Push her over and over, pressure her to do whatever, speak to the director of the school, complain about her, demand special tests and whatnot. While her experience is these kids are not more than average, perhaps lagging a bit. She was telling some of the parents don't want to talk with her anymore at all. This drive of parents for their kids to perform is tremendous these days. Perhaps this stems from social media that gave us the rating society. I remember my parents not driving me at all and leaving me to do things in the way I liked. I was quite responsible, so I guess I didn't need anybody to give me a push. Anyways, these days are indeed quite different to a handful of decades ago.

Owww yea, the Ugle People Music are cool! No doubt about it 😉


Parents indeed are a big part of the problem creating little sociopaths because everything needs to shine for the outside world which causes them to work so much that the kids only get material compensation, and a lack of true interest and attention.

If I look outside my window there are parents taking their kids to a playground, but they don't play with them. Rather they sit on their phone or gossip with other parents.

I always played with my kid and their kids because it was more fun.

Well the world is gonna go to the klote anyway so better to enjoy it and increase global hapiness


OMG I am starting to become @edje with these crazy long comments, I have to bind them and make a post out it


😂😂😂 welcome to the club 😂😂😂