$100 Crypto Birthday Challenge



Yes, I am a big baby thinking about my birthday....which is today btw.

And I was thinking about what to get when people give me money as they have no idea what to buy me.

For which they can´t be blamed as I myself do not know what to get me.

And all of sudden I knew what I would do:

I am gonna do a challenge because I hate that ridiculous challenge culture on freaking social media...


I have never joined a dumbass challenge and as long as they do not make me money I will keep it that way.


But to still be a bit of a hipster baby I will create my own challenge:

The $100 Crypto Birthday Challenge

Yes, it´s as simple as I am, I am just gonna use the money I receive which is probably just a bit over $100, and buy crypto. Well, one coin or token to be exact. But then that 1 million dollar question ...which coin?

You tell Me

Well here comes the fun part I will buy the coin that gets the most comments or/and is shilled the best.

So please do me a favor and give me a comment as an early birthday gift and in that comment just tell me which coin I should invest those $ 100 dollars into.

What I will do as part of the challenge is buy $100 of that coin, just on an exchange, and provide frequent follow-ups on how my birthday gift is behaving. I will just leave it at the exchange I buy it for a year (hoping it does not get hacked) and see what it´s worth a year from now on my 2022 birthday.

Yup it´s that simple, that simple that probably already thought of it and I did not DYOR it so for me it´s my idea and my challenge and you can all do the same thing we will not be doing that #CryptoBirthdayChallenge thing because # is so Facebook and Facebook is so 00´s.

What should I do again?

Just let me know in the comments what coin I should buy, Preferably a non top-25 market cap coin so we will see some nice volatility over time. That is all, and if you like the idea just gently hit that Like 👍 button because like buttons have feelings too.

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