She's gone bonkers!

Lila a little pissed wobbled down Landers street dressed in all black with sunshades on. She looked knackered as she hit the tarred road with her pencil heels fighting hard to not fall to the ground. Suddenly she spotted a small shop around the corner where bevvy was sold and she hurried to take refuge looking around as if someone was following her.

A girl of about thirteen years was the store keeper. Lila took a glance at her before sinking in the old fashioned couch that was kept outside the shop prolly for customers.

"Do you have beer?" Lila muttered ready to take in more as she felt she hadn't had enough yet "Hope you gat some quids?" The girl responded immediately as she reached into the fridge pulling out a cold can of beer and handing it to the plastered lady who gulped it down her throat the moment she opened it and in no time it was finished. She threw the can on the street as the place wasn't quite neat. It was more like the trenches part of England.

"Are you okay, miss?" Lila looks at the girl and shakes her head as if trying to get rid of something "you're supposed to be in school las" "aye but my old man says I have to watch his shop" who's your old man?" "Ha! Are you new here?" Lila nods and the girl continues "He's the notorious lord Ruger of Landers street, quite deadly" her face immediately went sour. The moment the name was mentioned, Lila sat up in her seat and asked the girl more questions which she got answers to and when she was done, she tipped the kid and left while talking to someone over the phone. The girl just looked at her and shrugged as she went back to her duty post.

"There was a lady here today, she looked dodgy and I gave no information though she asked a lot of questions" "what did she look like he asked putting his nose in the white powdery thing in front of him and inhaling it deeply right in front of the kid. "She's got blue eyes, blonde hair, tall and wore pretty heels" the man immediately took his face up, his nose stained with the chalk, eyes turned red he dismissed the girl with a wave of his fingers and pants around the room. "Lila, you dare trail me to my lair, I'll feed your carcass to the dogs if you play games with me". He puts a call through to his boys and calls for a meeting.

The next day, at the wee hours of the morning while lord Ruger and his boys held their meeting speaking in a coded language Lila walks into their midst with the girl and a gun pointed to her neck just so none of them shoots. Ruger rises up immediately and cocks his gun pointing it at Lila who doesn't show any sign of fear. "Let the girl go, she's mine to keep" he spoke fiercely. "I'm here to take my daughter lord Rugeeerrr, it's game over for you" she laid emphasis on the name and the girl looked up at her and a bead of tear dropped from her eyes then she turned to her father.

"Why didn't you tell me I had a mother papa, you told me she was dead and didn't want me afterall, I knew something was wrong the day she came to the shop, the way she looked at me and how much she cared that I was in school". "You just shut it now else I'll blow your little mouth up for ya".

With rage in the poor girl's eye, she quickly drags a gun from Lila's waist and points it at her father. "You don't even know how to cock a gun, you daughter of a rebellious woman", "oh! I'll show ya", she immediately cocks the gun and aims at his arm, taking her finger off the trigger slowly sending a bullet directly into his arm, the gun drops from his hand and he looks at the girl in total shock "I see you've gone bonkers" "it pleases me papa" she kisses the mouth of the gun looking him straight in the face you raised me with strong hands papa, you lied and punished me every day for no reason, I had always wanted to kill you and run away I was just waiting for the perfect day, I learnt how to shoot on my own using one of your guns but don't worry I didn't touch your white powder,'' she said boldly to the surprise of everyone including Lila who let out a tear after knowing what he had turned her innocent child into. He used her to run his drug shop knowing fully well that no one could attack a kid.

His boys got up ready for a fight but before they could cock their guns, the police had surrounded the entire building with laser guns ready to drop them all to the floor but they surrendered dropping their guns on the ground and suspending their hands in the air. Lila was surprised that her daughter could aim and shoot professionally but she had to warn the girl to let it go and live a normal life like every other kid now that she's free from the hands of her drug Lord father who ran away with her just to use her for his illicit business.