🎮MY BATTLE Weekly Challenge! (PORTAL SPINNER)🎮

Hello my loving Blockchain gaming community,

Welcome to my splinterlands game post. plinterlands game is one of my favorite blockchain games and this game has a lot of my favorite parts. So I play splinterlands game every day. About 2 days ago, I talked about the challenge post I made using the HILL GIANT card in the Splinterlands game. Today I will share my battle with PORTAL SPINNER, which is the battle challenge of this week. This is my first challenge post for this week.


Rarity: RARE
Element: LIFE
Attack: RANGED
Abilities: Scattershot

Battle Rule

  • standard
  • Mana Cost: 13 points
  • Available Element: Fire, Earth, Life, Death, & Dragon

Selecting battle cards


  • For the summoner, I used the MOTHER KHALA card. The MOTHER KHALA card costs only 3 points of mana and this summoner card can increase the number of life points in my team.
  • In every battle I play with life points, whether I have low or high mana points, I only use MOTHER KHALA summoner.
  • I got very few mana points for this battle. I only chose the MOTHER KHALA summoner as the summoner card for this battle

For the first Position Tank: CHAOS KNIGHT card

  • For the first position, I choose CHAOS KNIGHT card. The CHAOS KNIGHT main tank costs only 6 points of mana and this card contains 2 points of melee attack, 2 points of speed, 3 points of armor points and 4 points of lives.
  • The CHAOS KNIGHT card of ability is ' Shield '. Shield ability can reduce the damage from melee and ranged attacks.
  • I like that the CHAOS KNIGHT card has more melee and armor points. And I used the CHAOS KNIGHT card because I thought of using melee attack on the main tank.

For the second Position: the PORTAL SPINNER card

  • For the second position, I used PORTAL SPINNER card. The PORTAL SPINNER card costs 5 points of mana and this card contains 2 points of ranged attack points, 2 points of speed, 1 point of armor and 3 points of lives.
  • The CHAOS KNIGHT card of ability is ' Scattershot '.
  • This monster is the challenge monster for this week.

For the third Position: CELESTIAL HARPY card

  • For the third position, I used CELESTIAL HARPY monster. The CELESTIAL HARPY monster costs only 2 points of mana and this monster contains 1 point of melee attack, 2 points of speed and 2 points of lives.
  • The CELESTIAL HARPY card also has two abilities. These two abilities are flying and opportunity.
  • After picking up to second position, I only have 2 mana points left. And I chose CELESTIAL HARPY because I want to use melee attack mainly in this battle.

Battle Rounds


  • In this battle I used the life quest and the enemy used the fire quest. The enemy chose the TARSA card for the summoner card. I chose MOTHER KHALA for the summoner.
  • My summoner card increases the lives points of the cards on my team. Enemy summoner card increases the number of lives and melee attack points on his team.
  • At the beginning of Round-1, my team started attacking the enemy's last position card. The enemy team attacked my team in the same way.
  • In this battle, I got a few mana points, so I used a mana free card in the fourth position. At the end of Round-1, my mana free card was reduced due to the enemy's attack pattern.
  • Despite this, my team was able to defeat the enemy's last position card at the end of Round-1.


  • By the time we got to Round-2, the enemy had only 2 cards left and my team had 3 cards left. In Round-2, my team attacked the enemy's last position.
  • The enemy team started attacking my main tank. Then Round-3 started.


  • When it came to Round-3, my team started attacking the enemy's main tank. The enemy's main tank is also strong and the enemy's second position is also strong, so in Round-3, I was unable to defeat the enemy's main tank.
  • At the end of Round-3, my third position monster was defeat by the enemy's attack style.
  • However, I was able to defeat that enemy's main tank at the beginning of round-4. Then Round-5 started.


  • When it comes to Round-5, the enemy only has one TENYII STRIKER card left. That card was also easily defeated at the beginning of Round-5.

After playing until Round 5, I won this battle. Even after the battle, I still have 2 cards left and still strong. This battle was a little difficult for me because the enemy cards were very strong. Even so, this battle is interesting to me and fun to play. I still don't own the PORTAL SPINNER card. I think I will be purchasing that card within the next 2 days.

battle link

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