Do you value your life?

If Yes is the answer, then you must value your time!


Photo by Lukas Blazek from Unsplash
Whatever you do with your time will definitely define the kind of life you would live. If you spend most of your time with unproductive activities, you must be sure that the results you'd get will be nothing short of unproductive. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that they value their time and make the right decisions. It is just like a case of two farmers that one plants bad seeds and his friend planted good seeds, when it is the time of harvest, the person who planted bad seeds will definitely have a poor harvest, while the person that planted good seeds will reap bountifully. This is also similar to the way we use our time as individuals.

In Nigeria, today is the official start of work for 2022 and it is another great opportunity to utilize your time to the fullest. You may have missed out on achieving so many great things in the previous years because you did not spend your time wisely. Here is an opportunity to start afresh with a mentality that you want to achieve all your set goals for the year. The right mentality is needed in order to make an headway. In having the right mindset, you must be disciplined and willing to make sacrifices. Who wouldn't want to spend time hanging out with friends all night having fun? Or who wouldn't want to catch up new trendy movies? Of course, all these things are great but it becomes a problem to your life when you do them at the wrong time. There's always time for everything.


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The extent to which you value your time will reflect in your life as well. Time and life to a great extent can be used interchangeably to describe how a person is using his life/time on earth. What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Do you start scrolling through different profiles on social media instead of planning how your day will unfold? Do you wake up in the middle of the night to play video games when you are supposed to get a good night's sleep and be fresh for work in the morning? Distractions are key to wasting valuable time unnecessarily and we don't even see them as a threat to our lives until it's probably too late. Distractions creep into our lives in the form of the things we like to do. We can get busy doing these things for hours without realizing how bad it's affecting our productivity for days, weeks, months and years.


Photo by Majid Rangraz from Unsplash
We all have a limited time to spend in this world, therefore, every single second must be valued. Do not waste your time on unproductive activities because wasted time can never be regained.

I wish you a productive week ahead!

Is today the official first working day of the year in your country too?