What comes to your mind when you come across the word cheat or cheating? The idea of cheating that may pop up in your head may be physical transgressions or simply put, to be sexually unfaithful to your partner, but come to think of it, does judgment based on emotional lapses also count as cheating?

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Emotional cheating does not only mean that your partner shares feelings with someone else but when they constantly create time and attention, as well spend a lot of money and gifts on a new catch, at the expense of your relationship.

Wait a minute!

It could become difficult to conclude what exactly is emotional cheating in the case where some friendships may feel like it most especially if insecurity comes to play. For instance, a man can suspect his woman is cheating on him with his male friend because they have unresolved insecurity issues. In order to make it easier to conclude if your partner is emotionally cheating, it is best to evaluate the damage that your partner's friendship with the other person is doing to your relationship.

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Flirting, that is, giving so much attention to someone by admiring and saying all sort of nice things could also fit into emotional cheating especially when it leads to sexual relations, persistent communication, spending of time and money, as well as paying attention to the new potential partner than the main partner. But, there may be no cause for alarm if the flirting does not entail all these signs listed above.

It could be a harmless one. Another point to note is that if the flirting does not in any way get you angry or affect the bond between you and your partner, then it might not be a form of emotional cheating. But you need to be wary, if either you or your partner always feel offended about the conversation or you do it secretly (without your partner's knowledge). Then, it's emotional cheating!

Nowadays, it's very difficult to see the signs of a cheating partner due to the fact that it could easily be done over the phone through texts, messaging and dating sites/apps. It is quite easy to cheat these days, thanks and no thanks to technology. However, either a partner is cheating virtually or face-to-face, one thing is constant and that is, there will be a form of detachment between the partners.

That is to say, the cheating partner will be distanced from his or her partner and pay more attention to the new partner. This will also result in actions such as answering suspicious calls, turning notifications off, reading chats with care so that you don't see it and even nervous when you go near their phone.

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So many relationships have ended for reasons that a partner decided to pay his or her partner back with cheating or they confronted their partner in an hostile way. It is important to approach sensitive issues like this with care. You never can tell, your instinct might be wrong about your partner cheating on you.

So, you may confront him or her by asking questions that are not harsh such as if they are noticing the disconnection between the two of you for a while and what do they think is the cause. Express your concerns about the new friend, colleague or neighbor you observed they have been talking for some days and if it's not getting physical or emotional.

If you partner is actually cheating and wants to be sincere with you, the answers you will get may hurt but it will give you a clue to solving the problems in your relationship. It may not be easy to forgive, but the decision lies in your hands to make your relationship work again.