If life was a movie, there are certain scenes that we'd love to put on replay, there are some that we'd always fast-forward and there will be some we'd not want to see at all. Unfortunately, life is not a movie that we have control over. We have little or no control over our our lives play out. We just follow it as each day goes by hoping for the best. There are some days in our lives that we wish doesn't come to and end, these are the days we'd always want to put on replay if life were to be a movie. On the other hand, there are also some days that we can't wait to forget and these are the ones that we'd always fast-forward due to the unpleasant moments.


Photo by Stefan_Redel from Istockphoto
Today happen to be one of those days that one would want to pass as fast as possible without leaving any memories. Well, it was nothing too serious but I don't usually like it when I'm overly stressed after all the days work in the office. My day started quite well until when I boarded a Taxi with about four other passengers on my way home. It takes about 45 minutes or thereabouts to get to the last bus stop that leads to my house and halfway through the journey we all heard a large noise under the vehicle. We were all scared as the driver tried to control the car in order to park at a corner of the road because the speedometer was reading between 80 to 100.

After successfully getting the car to a standstill, we all rushed out to check what the problem was and we discovered the car's exhaust pipe, popularly known as silencer in Nigeria, has been detached from the body of the car and it was dragging on the road as we sped off. We were in the middle of a highway where we couldn't get help or even see a professional that will fix the issue for us. The driver thought of using a rope to tie the silencer to the body of the car temporarily until we get to our destination then he'd go and fix his car. Good idea, right? So, we thought! After using about 15 minutes to tie the silencer to the body of the car using a copper wire, we thought we were good to go but we have barely moved when it started dragging on the road again.

The driver had to quickly find a good place to park the car so that he can try to fix the problem. He got more copper wire to tie the silencer on different sides. I couldn't really see what he was doing because I'd have to bend down or lay under the vehicle to be able to get a good view but it was not possible for me to do any of that on the highway as a lady. It was beginning to get dark at this time and I was about 20 minutes behind my normal time that I get home. All the passengers were getting disturbed because it was looking like we weren't going to leave that spot anytime soon. Still after all he did for several minutes we still got the same results and it made the temper of passengers to increase.

He finally decided to fully detach the silencer and keep it in the boot of the car. It was then that we were able to have a smooth journey even though the silencer was making some noise due to the detachment of the outer silencer.

This experience is not something I'd like to recall again due to the fact that it made my day very hectic considering the usual work stress that I had undergone earlier in the day. All I needed after the day's work was to get to the house, freshen up, eat and rest. But, it is what it is. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.