Gold silver ratio reached greatest extent during Covid pandemic !

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Gold Price

During and before this Covid years gold has somewhat weathered damages of crisis. This unification contributed to increasing the ratio of gold compared to silver to a higher level in 2017. This large disparity in the rate also occurred in the nineties with the fall of the Soviet Union.

When silver prices are worldly, this increases the maximum percentage of gold
But now the situation is changing, when signs of inflation began to emerge at the beginning of the current year, the gold percentage decreased with the increase in the price of silver. Everyone is starting to take a little precaution as traders and consumers exchange assets for precious metals near lower recent price levels to guard against inflation and currency depreciation.

The fall of the Soviet Union was an opportunity to realize global currencies and threats. It gave rise to capitalism and a period of credit/economic expansion across Russia that facilitated the emergence of the Internet in the early 1990s. This is explained by the calm levels of gold prices from the nineties until 2002. Gradually, the focus began to focus on stocks and real estate rather than precious metals.

When the dotcom appeared, the global financial markets moved, gold experienced a massive increase of nearly 600% in the early 2000s, especially after the global financial crisis.

Similarities exist today:

The continued decline of crude oil, with the strength of the US dollar, could happen at the end of the current year. Meanwhile, gold will try to penetrate higher levels, depending on some of the collapse prevailing in the American and global financial markets and stocks during wars and conflicts with the European Union in particular.