Aimless- Monsters without any aim :P XD

This week's Splinterlands challenge is an aimless ruleset. You can see by name in this ruleset monsters don't have any aim. They hit randomly. Only ranged and magic attacks can get benefit from this rulest. In this rule, most of the players try to use Yodin Zaku. When your monsters are aimless they will hit anything randomly and since Yodin Zaku Provides blasts so it does destruction beyond imagination. I have been trying to get battle with this certain ruleset for the past couple of days. And trust me when you need something so bad you don't get it easily. Today where there are only a few hours left in the challenge so i tried my luck again. I played my daily focus and I luckily got that rule.

What is aimless?

Well, aimless is one of the splinterlands rules in which all the monsters with ranged and magic attacks get scattershot. Monsters don't get a specific aim. They are aimless in this ruleset. They will hit any monster randomly. It is one of the most dangerous rules. Because even monsters with camouflage aren't shielded by this rule. So you can imagine :P XD

My Battle

Xawi vs Cyberblock


I got three rules in this battle as usual.

  • Fire and Regret
    In this rulest, all the ranged attack monsters get return fire. So using Yodin Zaku in this ruleset wasn't a wise idea.

  • Aimless

I already explained this ruleset up there.

  • Close Range

In this rule set ranged attack monsters can be used in the first position.

My prediction

Well, my prediction was my opponent might use Mylor But no since the ruleset was aimless. They thought I might use a magic attack. So they were right :P I used 3 magic monsters. One ranged and one melee. Well using all kinds of monsters was a good strategy because even if my magic monsters were in danger. My melee attack with opportunity saved me.



My team

  • Failed summoner

Failed summoner is probably the most used monster in my battles. I can't imagine my earth element without failed summoner. :P I used it in the first position.

  • Screeching Vulture

In the second position, I used a screeching vulture. Well, I wanted to use at least one melee attack monster so I used vulture. It did help when my vulture killed the opponent's weirding warrior.

  • Queen Mycelia

Another great monster. And the most used one as well. Its abilities are enough to tell you why this monster is so good and why we all players love to use this monster a lot.

  • Swamp thing

I used the swamp thing in the 4th place. It reduces speed and health again it is one of the most used monsters in the earth element.

  • Dijinn Biljka

I don't use this monster more often but I try using it with certain rules such as all monsters with opportunity and aimless etc. Although it doesn't help in aimless.

  • Dr Blight

Last but not least Mr Dr :p

That was my battle and my team i hope you will enjoy watching this battle. I will see you all in the next challenge. Till then happy splinterlanding.


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