Armored Up

This week's Splinterlands challenge is an Armored Up ruleset. The armoured Up rule is a quite an interesting rule. And I always love armour shields so you can say it is one of my favourite rules. It is not very helpful against magic attacks but it is great against ranged and melee attacks.

What is Armored Up?

My Battle

Xawi Vs Wolf-sl


I got three rules in this battle as usual.

  • Armored Up
    Armored Up is the given challenge ruleset so we already know in this rule all the monsters get +2 armor at the begging of the battle.

  • Stampede

In this ruleset, the trample ability can trigger multiple times per attack. So stampede is a kind of fun rule if you use your monsters wisely. But since I had the fog of war ruleset so i was expecting a magic attack or a ranged attack this is why I had to use Almo Cambio in the first position instead of any monster with trample ability.

  • Fog of War

In this rule set monsters, lose all abilities such as sneak, snipe and opportunity. Only the ones with scattershot are immune to this ruleset.

My prediction

My prediction was my opponent will be using the same lineup as me but nope they used `Wizard of Eastwood summoner. Well, I can understand why did they use that summoner because they wanted to rust off armor from my monsters, But what they forgot I can also use monsters with rust off ability :P XD. Since we were given a Fog of war ruleset in which sneak, snipe and opportunity abilities are useless so yep they used 2 monsters with scattershot abilities.



My team

  • Almo Cambio

As I mentioned up there Almo Cambio is the best monster to use in the fog of war rules. But if you are using it with Byzantinekityy then your winning chances increase to 99%. In the Fog of war rule players don't go for a melee attack. There are always a high probability of magic and ranged attack. So Almo counters both.

  • Khimer princess

I Used Khimer princess in the second position. Khimer is one of the best untamed rare cards. It heals monsters in the first position and also heals back-line monsters with a triage ability.

  • Scale Doctor

I love this card because it has all my favourite abilities. Rust off, triage, repair, and strengthen.

  • Acid Shooter

I used an Acid shooter in the 4th position. It has a scattershot ability. And the scattershot ability hit randomly. It doesn't care about the fog of war ruleset.

  • Failed summoner

Failed summoner is probably the most used monster in my battles. I can't imagine my earth element without failed summoner. :P I used it in the 5th position. Its position doesn't matter in the fog of war but yes it did great against scattershot.

  • Fungus fiend

I used it in the last position just to fill up the space. Also, it took some scattershot hits so there is that.

That's all for this challenge post. I will see you all in another challenge post. Till then happy splinterlanding.


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