Earthquake Challenge


This week's splinterlands weekly challenge is the earthquake rule. So i luckily got 3 battles with a certain rule thus decided to make a post. Although my laziness was on its own, I was determined enough no matter what I will post yea so here I am going to share 3 awesome battles with an earthquake ruleset.

What is Earthquake?


Earthquake is one of many splinterlands rules. In this rule, all the non-flying monsters take -2 HP damage. So in order to avoid disaster we usually use the Brighten Bloom summoner. But if dragon splinter is not active then? So in such cases either I would like to use LLama with Gelatinous Cube, water Splinter or Yodin Zaku. Well, it depends. Life splinter can be best with

Yodin Zaku Vs Yodin Zaku

Battle Link


My team placement was almost the same as the opponent. We both had Arkemis The bear in the first position. I had Elemental Phoenix in the 2nd position, Ash Mirage in the 3rd position, and Spark Pixies in the fourth place. The purpose of using Coeurl Lurker was to take all the damage So it gave me an advantage in the earthquake rule. My defence got less damage. My team also had a supply runner. I personally like this monster a lot because it gives swiftness to all the friendly monsters and also strengthens them by +1 HP. So +1 Hp was another advantage in this rule.

Silenced Summoner

BAttle Link

Now this one another interesting battle where you didn't have any choice because you got a Silenced summoner ruleset. In such kind of cases if the dragon splinter is active then we go with a dragon, low mana summoner because dragon monsters are the ones with flying abilities.

Byzantine Kitty vs Lux Vega


Battle Link

In this battle, I was given an opportunity, Rise of the Common along with the earthquake ruleset. I and my opponent both didn't use Brighten Bloom summoner. I went with Kitty summoner and they used Lux Vega. I used a melee attack because of the opportunity ability. It was a pretty close battle tho but Kitty's healing saved the day.


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