Yodin Vs Jacek

Heya Splinterfams,
Where Yodin Zaku is the pride of our Guild (GON) now Yodin has a competition. Well, those who are yet oblivious to the situation let me tell you Jacek Fire Chaos summoner has been airdropped to all the eligible pack holders. I had 1480+ packs on my main account and 1100 on my alt account. I got three regular Jacek on my main account and 2 regular foil on my alt account. In total, I got 5 Jacek and I needed 11 BCX :P XD. I had to purchase 6 BCX from the market in order to max mine. I haven't used it yet but Someone used it against me. So here I am going to share my thoughts on this summoner.



Jacek provides +2 speed, scattershot and piercing to all friendly monsters. I think it's going to be another insane summoner. Because that scattershot ability is very strong and just imagine your all monsters with that ability.

Yodin Vs Jacek


This was really a close battle and i guess I won because of a divine shield. Yea divine shield saved me otherwise it would have been a disaster for me. If your opponent is using Jacek it is already providing +2 speed and if by chance they are using more swiftness then you are done. :P.
I believe if there wasn't a divine shield rule result would have been the opposite. I was a bit reluctant to use this summoner but now i am seeing its worth and I fear in future it is going to be the most used summoner after kitty. This is the reason I maxed mine asap. Oh, yea did i tell you I spent 170+$ on just 6 BCX Jacek? Yes, I purchased it for 28$/BCX. I could have waited a bit but naw I was in rush and i don't know what was the rush lolz.

Another battle with Jacek Neo sir shared in the city. That was again a very close win.


That was really a close battle. I guess scattershot would be more amazing with ranged and Melee monsters instead of magic. Yea if you want to take good advantage of piercing along with scattershot then melee monsters and range are the best choices. I am just thinking with this scattershot now all melee monsters will be useable no matter if it's melee mayhem or not. It is going to be a fun ride :P XD

I hope you are satisfied with my analysis if not then I don't care :P XD take care and happy splinterlanding XD


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I sold my air drop cards at $28 and plan to buy them back later, nice battles by the way, I love the close finishes