Basic Markdown codes in bloging used in Ecency


Encoding/markdown language on Ecency is a very difficult task for beginners, when I was a beginner I found this thing difficult then my brother help me to learn different coding which can also help you when you are writing a blog on ECENCY,well, first of all, i will tell you the importance of encoding while you are typing your content.


  1. Firstly coding is a very good technique to develop the interest of your reader.
  2. through coding you can highlight the main ideas and your point of view more precisely and clearly
  3. Your readers can enjoy your blogging because they can see or comprehend your blogs.
  4. No doubt appearance in creative or free writing just like our blogs is very important, where this factor will ignore your readers will be boring after reading first 3 to 4 lines, because your content seems to be ambiguous to them.
  5. Most importantly encoding makes your blog more attractive and beautiful.

Now I will tell you different encoding techniques that are mostly used in writing


1:- Margin heading line

You can add this type of line above in the heading by putting six consecutive ****** stars like this, after giving your highlight heading.

2:- Double heading lines

You can also add two lines after your heading like this :-

by adding 6 stars in row numbers 1 and 2 separately.

3:- How to Bold your words in a sentence

There is another thing when you wanted your font or word to be bold, you can encode your word by adding two stars before and after the word for example:- **words **

4:- How To Write your highlight words or any sentence in the center of the post


Now as you can see the word content in the center, I basically use codes to write this in center

5:- Adding links in the text/blog

You can add a link address to easily access the image address link.


write this code [text](landing page/image adress link)

I hope you can find this helpful, when I was a beginner I find this difficult but now it's fine. If you know more markdown codes you can also tell me in the comment section below, I will embrace it and learn those too, because for me spreading knowledge about education or anything helpful is like a blessing.

Keep spreading knowledge and positivity because this life is inevitable.