EVERYONE CAN BE THEIR OWN ASPIRATIONS(drawing photography, and literature)#IAA 5


As you can see from my title I am inferring to the people like me. I was 100% sure that I am zero in drawing. From last month when i was kinda feeling depressed , i saw a video of drawining o thwe internet .For me art is a way to escape from this world,whether in form of literature,drawing,painting or writiting blogs.
I believe art has the ability to heal you internally,its kinda console your innerself ,that maybe broken or need recarnition from your previos self.

I am sharing a piece of paper filled with lots of emotions. I tried to become better day by day.
I don't know why, but I only draw when I feel disconnected from the world. Drawing and writing and photography come hand in hand. I think these three things complement each other. every form of art is amazing. I think in daily routine we can feel connection these things. For example, when you walk you see nature scenery and you tried to capture those moments so that you can save them and regenerate that feeling again whenever you saw those photographs. here are some of the photographs that I take in my daily routine. a gardener of a park was watering this plant, I was watching this from afar because the relationship between the gardener and the plant was too unconditional and loyal. here is the picture of that plant, sorry the gardener is missing because when I went to click a photo he just left saying my boss had just called me so I had to leave. well, the plant was there. I said to the plant, you don't have a boss, gotcha yeah beautiful.

here is another one.


well, I love literature, alone literature will be a tough and rough thing to comprehend .literature becomes a part of my life, it broaden my way of thinking, the way of understanding. Literature has the power to reflect thousands of experiences in one go, you see different authors and writers share their life experiences with us through their writing and the perfect amount of literary elements in their writings. one can know become a philosopher through reading them. From my point of view, I think literature is not something to show off right. it is something to learn and to gain experience. Literature helps you in every way of life, in my life literature has the utmost power and ability to soothe my bleeding scars whether internally or externally. life is adventurous and happy with these three things in my life cover vast area of emptiness in me.