life without regret.


Life without regret is a blessing and some of us are very far away from that blessing,
I think so. I always tried to be a better person and do the best I can but little did I know I am trying in vain because those constant thoughts of becoming the best were at risk all the time. the worst nightmare is the one when you realize this thing that there is no end to these thoughts. my mind is 24 hours thinking, even in my sleep I am thinking about career goals and about my life.


Is this pre-mature stage or what I don't know teenager part of life was better but now when I am realizing all the real events around I am stuck. it feels like this inferno will never end. these thoughts have no end. I am trundling around my so-called career goals, goals that ii don't know. it's like sitting in an exam and the question paper is out of the syllabus and you don't know what to do with it, you either attempt it or leave it wide open (blank). there are always regrets like what if I have done my BS HONOR degree from a good fine university. what if I chose the subject wisely in the past, and this what-if is the proof of constant blaming and regret.

i wanted to know does everybody gets these types of thinking in their life pr is it just me.