why is it important to write a blog on ecensy


I always wonder if people really read your content on Encensy. The first week tbh I was a little embarrassed, I fidgeted with the response that I got confused because I thought maybe nobody is interested to read anyone's content especially a newbie like me. but then the spell of my words work, i received a lot of overwhelming compliments and encouragement through a lot of good content creators. my first blogs were a little disappointing for me but I think we learn from our failure. through our experience and failure we became better individuals, right. life is just a cycle of ongoing events and we are mere organizers who tried to organize everything in order to make it up to our expectations. time has brought us in 21 century . The way of communication changes, a lot of apps, and mediums of communication have been developed in the past few years .
we are bloggers right we openly talk about almost everything. our approach to see things from a different perspective because our work and mind tells us to explore more. Things are not vaguely done when you are a blogger you think about anything out of the box. You see things broadly. As you all know @Ecensy provides a remarkable platform for free writers like me, like you. I can be myself while writing , there are no unnecessary restrictions and it provides privacy too. for free writers and who love to write Ecency is the best choice, of course there are more apps that allow you to write your blogs but I prefer ecency . the audience or readers of this app didn't even criticize you for whatever you are sharing about your daily life or whatever you do daily, what I am trying to say is you can share anything you want to share on ecency...overwhelmed by this app. for me recently is my escape from the real apparent world because whenever I am writing I am just me not anyone else from the outside world. I can share, consider other people's blogs. i love to read others' ecency's blogger, all of them are great. I followed few people but I love everyone on ecensy because here every one is amazing. They always come up with the best contests and best content on ecency.

in a world full of animation and visual technologies, I really appreciate people who work so hard to write and open up in different ways because they have learned those aspects of life. again thanks to all hivers, Ecency users who write every day and keep up the good work. Honestly apart from our hard work other people's content and good quality blogs make us a better version of ourselves. they are the motivation behind Ecency growth. i truly feel gratitude towards them. thank you for always being there to guide newbies like me. but i am not a newbie anymore thanks to your efforts and compliments that i am doing great day by day.