Good day My Co-Freewriters...

Here Are my few words...
And it begins like this:

At every glance my heart melts.
But the feeling still doesn't want to be strong.

Your surroundings makes me wants to hold you close to my heart so you can hear my heart bests still I can't see it coming to past.

I said "give me a Goodbye kiss" 😘 but instead you have me a peck on my cheeks and a kiss on the forehead.

Understanding all about you as always been my task so I can learn how to love you better than your ex because you deserve adornment and treatment for more than queens...

Your smile caught me as a prisoner for you, still I bail out easily but never stop been your customer of your arrest.

I feel attached to you but can't convince myself that it's true.

Your company is what I seek every time I feel lonely still I don't want to admit the love 💕.

Your number is always the first thought everytime I open my eyes in the morning 🌄 still I don't want to sound as a foolish lover by dailing.

Whenever I passed your territory, I must turn, to check if you are outside so I can say Hi. Still i tell myself you're not in love 💕.

My Confusion lies with you, which got pregnant with my feelings now the Baby is "True Love" soon to be delivered Hoping to hear the cry 😭 of "I love you" so I can be sure I am the father and you are the mother of the "True Love" we conceived.

No Pictures Cause the Words are written from the Heart ❤️, neither frictional or copied.

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Peace 🕊️ to you all