unnecessary knowledge #7 (Infinity-the universe)



Hello everybody!
It's time to waste your time as usual!
So here we go!

And today it's about the universe!
Universe-infinite...This is one of the first things you think of in connection with the universe.
However, this is wrong and right at the same time.
First of all: The universe is approx. 600 trillion km^2 big...So very big.
How do I come on it:
One can imagine the universe like a gigantic circle.
And who has paid attention in math?
One calculates the area of a circle as follows: π(rr)
The universe has a radius of approx. 46 light years (=46*ca 9.5 trillion kilometers= 437 trillion km).
Then still the formula applied and already we are approx. 600 trillion km...either I am stupid or that is correct in such a way...you can recalculate it if you want yes times...but that is also not so crucial for the post.
But now to the infinite.
And indeed, the universe expands infinitely far...until it is expanded then sometime so far that there is again a big bang...and so it goes on and on...
Have I confused you?
Well then I have reached my goal😉

Thanks for reading and Cu next time!


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