RE: Staking my SPS Tokens for the FUTURE

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I have to say I did Sell a lot of SPS tokens to get some cash

I regret not doing it when it was around $0.90 USD. Currently it is worth $0.057 USD. I still stake all of my SPS. Nowadays I have around 674 SPS, and I am still staking all of it.

Just so you know SPS has had an All-Time High of around 1.25 USD and I am pretty optimistic that it could go all the way to 1 USD in the Future and that would be something to look forward to.

Probably a lot of people hope and/or expect this. We will see wether it will happen or not.

Regardless of everything I am quite Bullish on SPS as the team behind Splinterlands has always shown great progress and I belive a lot more is to come out of this Project.

The opinions are mixed about the new reward system. Some people are happy about it, while others are not. I am with the latter group. The new reward system greatly favors the rich, who have a lot of stake in the game, while punishing the poor players. This is not good. Many of us hoped for a proper reward system, which is good for everyone.

I stopped playing Splinterlands one week ago (exactly seven days ago). I still have not sold my Splinterlands cards. Currently I am leasing out a part of my Splinterlands card collection.

If I see a good change in the game, then probably I will return to playing, but I am not willing to play many hours per day just to earn a few cents.