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Author reward: 0.002 CTP for xyzashu/re-vlemon-r8nfut
Author reward: 0.002 CTP for xyzashu/re-vlemon-r8nclo
Author reward: 1.762 CTP for xyzashu/2021-the-year-i-made-my-first-million-in-crypto
Author reward: 4.586 CTP for xyzashu/unexpected-shock-my-wallet-topper-now-is-a-meme-coin
Completed unstake of 26160.03 CTP
Curation reward: 1.296 CTP for achim03/i-just-powered-up-1000-hive-
Curation reward: 1.174 CTP for pheon/opinionstwovideosaboutaltcoinsthatcouldblowup-r8b5asvvjodkwnp4vhjj
Curation reward: 1.199 CTP for taniagonzalez/zx1a6jgjce5uanwfkmupgf
Curation reward: 1.323 CTP for steemrepair/varioushivetutorials-list-kti0h5pnycg0zvoub7mr
Curation reward: 1.149 CTP for zottone444/pgm-token-best-users-award-r1w260
Curation reward: 1.129 CTP for badbitch/emerging-true-decentralization-for-a-digital-future
Curation reward: 1.274 CTP for bradleyarrow/svgpuadn
Curation reward: 1.248 CTP for tau-raghallach/heyisawyouwereinthesamenftserver-opo63uzpv0tu93fol0c2
Curation reward: 1.223 CTP for bradleyarrow/bmr-for-1st-nov-2021
Curation reward: 1.105 CTP for ph1102/the-biggest-power-up--november-1st-hivepud
Curation reward: 1.085 CTP for astrocreator/my-power-up-day-1102021-il-mio-power-up-day-1112021-engita
Curation reward: 1.063 CTP for sophie-thrills/do-it-now
Curation reward: 0.96 CTP for seckorama/11th-hive-power-up-day
Curation reward: 1.044 CTP for r1s2g3/count-down-for-last-1000-hp-to-reach-dolphinhood-in-this-hpud
Curation reward: 1.025 CTP for alokkumar121/py0m8l82d18
Curation reward: 0.984 CTP for alokkumar121/central-bank-digital-currency-cbdc-in-india
Curation reward: 1.007 CTP for tykee/hodl-hodl-on-for-dear-life-or-tp-take-profit
Curation reward: 1.284 CTP for guurry123/iaac-434
Curation reward: 1.259 CTP for bala41288/my-hive-goals-weekly-progress-report-2nrwtg
Curation reward: 1.232 CTP for chloe.citation/iaac-days-8
Curation reward: 1.208 CTP for vlemon/happy-13th-birthday-bitcoin-what-a-journey
Curation reward: 1.182 CTP for makeitreal95/how-to-get-your-torum-avatar-poap
Curation reward: 1.319 CTP for sreypov/steamed-rice-cakes-with-coconut-cream-an-italvegan-recipe
Curation reward: 1.167 CTP for vlemon/re-xyzashu-7hxznd
Curation reward: 1.32 CTP for alexvan/lifestyle-challenge-week-221-lifestyle-challenge-woche-221
Curation reward: 1.347 CTP for thealliance/reminder-halloween-party-tonight-1000-sps-25-vouchers-10000-dec--much-more-in-prizes
Author reward: 0.093 CTP for xyzashu/re-vlemon-r1sxg5
Curation reward: 1.292 CTP for rentmoney/mini-bounty-brawler-bounties-claim-them-here
Curation reward: 1.217 CTP for gr33nm4ster/ihnefvjr
Curation reward: 1.192 CTP for erikah/life-during-the-war
Curation reward: 1.242 CTP for specialfeelings/getting-ready-to-unlock-the-next-mission-day-149-preparandome-para-desbloquear-la-siguiente-mision-dia-149
Curation reward: 1.267 CTP for hodlcommunity/crypto-debt-btc-ta-meta-interest-rates-74th-curation-digest
Curation reward: 1.168 CTP for katerinaramm/spania-io-the-first-greek-nft-market-place-gives-out-free-nfts-for-the-first-users-to-sign-up
Curation reward: 1.144 CTP for jlufer/the-origin-of-my-passion-for-period-buildings-exclusive-for-architecturedesign
Curation reward: 1.122 CTP for discohedge/dhedge-daily-report-2021-10-30-expected-total-drips-apr-11-50432-20211030t150909z
Curation reward: 1.096 CTP for lukeisalive/luke-is-alive-daily-prize-drawing-october-29-2021
Curation reward: 1.076 CTP for taskmaster4450/the-benefit-of-facebook-becoming-a-metaverse-company
Curation reward: 1.057 CTP for guurry123/luke-i-alive-171-chasing
Curation reward: 1.035 CTP for reeta0119/crypto-creating-way-for-low-cost-money-transfer-remittance
Curation reward: 1.013 CTP for eddiesun/stay-vigilant-and-protect-your
Curation reward: 1.366 CTP for vlemon/leoalpha-getting-free-nfts-thanks-to-leo-crew
Curation reward: 1.266 CTP for vlemon/usdgods-airdrop-is-there-and-it-s-big-usdusdusd
Curation reward: 1.242 CTP for bala41288/top-5-popular-things-on-hive-ecosystem
Curation reward: 1.217 CTP for kamalhs/my-participation-in-alive-challenge
Curation reward: 1.193 CTP for jimmy.adames/i-get-it-luke-good-cup-bad-cup-but-i-found-you
Curation reward: 1.122 CTP for readthisplease/imagine-buying-an-nft-for-half-a-billion-by-mistake
Started unstake of 26160.03 CTP
Staked 25.335 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 9.749 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 16.15 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 25.337 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 15.433 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 17.153 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 16.193 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 15.644 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 15.602 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 17.947 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 22.043 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 19.323 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 23.487 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 14.04 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 20.242 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 13.396 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 28.061 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 26.097 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 15.164 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 19.489 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 23.177 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 32.782 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 17.443 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 12.563 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 12.057 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 21.859 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 23.948 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 40.583 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 33.666 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 16.574 CTP to xyzashu
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Staked 13.239 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 15.48 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 45.756 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 10.828 CTP to xyzashu
Staked 30.899 CTP to xyzashu