SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! - [Electric Eels]



Hello and welcome, to another Share Your Battle Challenge!
This weeks challenge is to win a match with a card named Electric Eels.
I don't play water splinters too often so this should be interesting!
Lets dive in and see how this weeks battle went.

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  • Standard
  • 21 mana
  • all splinters

This week didn't excite me as much so I opted to use Splinterlands new card rental feature to try this unit out instead of buying it. I could have bought it for .50 cents OR rent it for .10 dec a day which is nothing. I won 2.7 dec just from this match alone. I have never used the Electric Eels before but judging by their ability they look like they would fit well behind a tank. That way they can use their reach ability and tack on a few extra damage here and there. I think he is a little average with 5 health and 1 attack for 4 mana. Maybe he gets better in the later levels but at the bronze rank I feel like there are better options I would rather put on my team. I am not saying it is a bad card, just average. My plan is to find a tank, throw the Electric Eels behind it and then add in a couple ranged attackers to even it out. Not knowing what my opponent would pick I went with the summoner Bortus who gave all my opponents units -1 magic. I figured Serpent of Eld doesn't have much health so it would be better to protect him from magic attacks then it would be to use Alric Stormbringer and pump up my own magic.


[Serpent of Eld]

The tank I decided to go with this week is Serpent of Eld.
He has 2 shield - 5 health - 3 attack - 4 speed.
He also comes with the Dodge ability which gives him an increased chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks.
His beefy stats also come with a beefy mana cost of 7.


[Electric Eel]

The reason Electric Eel is interesting is because of his reach skill.
This gives him the ability to Attack from the second position.
The extra one damage is nice and he sort of acts like a back up if my tank dies.
I'm not a big fan of his stats but they get better as he levels up.


[Ice Pixie]

I chose to include Ice Pixie for its magical attack that directly hits health and bypasses armor.
For 2 mana it's a nice include to add a little more fire power.


[Giant Squid]

Giant Squid made it into today's line up because of his 2 ranged damage.
The 1 armor and 4 health is pretty decent but he shouldn't be taking too many hits anyways.
My guild mate lent me this gold version so I included it for some extra DEC.


[Furious Chicken]

Honestly this guy is an auto include in almost every match.
For 0 mana, why not just throw him in? Worst case scenario he gets killed.
Best case scenario he gets killed instead of a unit that can actually do something.

Round 1 (8/8):

  • Serpent of Eld attacks Goblin Mech for 3, bringing his shield down to 2.
  • Goblin Mech attacks Serpent of Eld for 4, destroying Serpent of Elds armor and leaving him with 3 health.
  • Ice Pixie attacks Goblin Mechs health directly for 1 bringing his health down to 5.
  • Electric Eel attacks Goblin Mechs armor for 1, leaving him with 1 armor remaining.
  • Ettin Spearman attacks Serpent of Eld and misses.
  • Giant Squid attacks Goblin Mechs armor for 2, destroying it.

At the end of the first round my tank is left with 3 health and the opponents tank is left with 5 health. If the enemys Goblin Mech goes down, his team is over. Ettin Spearman is a ranged attacker and can't attack in the first position. I'm not sure why he put Furious Chicken in the last slot. To be fair at this point though one attack from Goblin Mech is enough to kill any of my units besides Electric Eel and Giant Squid who would survive with 1 HP remaining.

Lets check back in on the battle and see how it plays out.

Round 2 (7/7):

  • Serpent of Eld attacks Goblin Mech for 3, bringing his health down to 2.
  • Goblin Mech attacks Serpent of Eld for 4, killing him.
  • Electric Eels takes the first position and Ice Pixie attacks Goblin Mech for 1,
    bringing him down to 1 health remaining.
  • Electric Eel attacks Goblin Mech for 1, dealing the final blow.
  • Ettin Spearman takes Goblin Mechs spot in the tank position, rendering him useless as a ranged attacker.
  • Giant Squid attacks Ettin Spearman for 2, leaving him with 6 health remaining.

At the end of the second round it is practically over. Goblin Mech went down and now the opponent can't deal any damage. If Ettin Spearman was able to attack I think the match would play out different because with 3 attack and 8 health, he is a beast. Now the third round will be full of my units attacking.

Round 3 (3/3):

  • Ice Pixie attacks Ettin Spearman for 1, bringing his life total to 5
  • Electric Eel attacks Ettin Spearman for 1, bringing his life total to 4
  • Giant Squid attacks Ettin Spearman for 2, bringing his life total to 2

Round 4 (5/5):

  • Ice Pixie attacks Ettin Spearman for 1, bringing his life total to 1
  • Electric Eel delivers the final blow to Ettin Spearman, killing him.
  • Furious Chicken moves into the first position and gets killed by Giant Squid

The battle went well in my opinion. I wish the opponent had tried a little harder because I feel like I got an auto win. All I had to do was take out the Goblin Mech lol but to be fair Goblin Mech and Ettin Spearman are both very beefy monsters with high damage and high health. Serpent of Eld worked well as a tank and Electric Eels was the perfect back up melee attacker to throw behind him. Giant Squids 2 ranged damage really helped a lot and the fact that he is a gold card gave me a nice dec payout at the end of the round. Next time I use Electric Eel I will try to use him in the same way, as a back up melee attacker for my tank. Please, check out Splinterlands if you haven't already. My referral can be found at the top of my post. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day! :)


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