Starbits - The Currency of Rockstars



Starbits are

  • Easy to obtain and highly profitable. (Low risk, High reward)
  • Worth $0.00018 (Don't sound like a lot but thousands add up quickly)


I wrote a blog post 20 days ago about the HIVE blockchain game Rising Star.
In the post I write about how I "invested" 5 HIVE which was $1.50 at the time of writing. Since then, the price of HIVE has gone up more than 30%. That same 5 HIVE is now worth $2.40. I was interested to see how much HIVE my Starbits are worth. Starbits are the Hive-Engine token you get for completing missions. Now, this game is free-to-play. I did not have to invest anything to get started but chose to buy a pack for the fun and the convenience it provided. Since playing I have accumulated 24000+ Starbits. I'm on my way to the second island, which I hope means more Starbits per energy spent.
If I were to sell those Starbits on Hive-Engine I would get 8.5 HIVE which equals $4.08 ( At $0.48 per HIVE ). You can buy or sell Starbits on Hive-Engine with HIVE.

I am really impressed with those numbers. It's nothing compared to a paycheck but this isn't a job, its a game and it pays you. That is crazy to me. I have tried a lot of blockchain games not only the ones on HIVE but WAX also. I think HIVE is the place to be for #playtoearn with games like Splinterlands and Rising Star. I am not liquidating my Starbits but instead saving them for a card I really like. This was just for science, I am still holding my Starbits. These numbers aren't even taking into consideration the cards I have won in multiple giveaways.

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Thank you for reading
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Great share! I was just thinking about my collection of Rising Star NFTs. Probably my favorite part about the game is supporting musicians. Did you know you can stake your Starbits on their NFT based records? Its a super cool passive income from NFT Records. I wish I was a musician so I could further tap into this technology. !LUV !BEER !PIZZA


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