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I bought a stack of these trade tokens at a conference. This one has the label "Barter Trade Tokin." The guy selling the coins said that he hoped that people would use the tokens in barter deals.

The barter community has a nasty habit of not paying taxes.

I spoke with several local representatives about this. They were happy with people engaging in barter. Their primary concern was with people who were trying to use barter as a way to avoid taxes.

People who engage in barter as a business are supposed to report their profits in US dollars when they pay taxes if the profit is over a certain amount.

I use the rounds I bought for games.

BTW a primary difference between rounds and coins is that the obverse and reverse of coins are upside down while the obverse and reverse of rounds is upside side up. You can see this if you flip a coin vertically.

I suspect that there are progressive legislators who are opposed to using anything other than the king's tender for transactions as it is easier to tax. A true progressive wants a government agent in the middle of every transaction to collect taxes and assure political compliance in the transaction.


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