Why not a @sports.voter ? 300k sports Staked - My new record !


My last staking report was a really long time ago !!

Since last time I tested a lot of things to try to increase my sports stake. From the daily actifit posts to filling the Liquidity pool with sports and Hive.

It really looks like a lot of people are liquidity provider because the sports earning are really really small. For almost 150k sports plus the equivalent hive staked, I was at only something like 50 daily sports reward so I decided to change that, swap the hive for sport and stake it.


Since last time I changed something. I was getting 100% of my post rewards as Hive Power and I now take half in liquid HBD. I will swap that HBD to Hive and then to Sports. I'm still looking for ways to optimize this.

And since some time I'm really thinking about something and I really don't know if I'm not imagining something already existing.

I would like a sports.voter like @leo.voter

There is that awesome voting account called Leo.voter who is daily upvoting good content on LeoFinance community, and only posted through the Leofinance website (and maybe now the app).
The idea is simple, you delegate HP to the account, and you receive the curation rewards as Leo tokens. If I'm not saying bullshit, each day they sell their curation rewards and buy Leo tokens on the market with them and distribute them depending on the delegation of each user.

This account is great for the token price, making huge daily purchases, and for the frontend because users are encouraged to post with the community front end to receive those huge rewards (for leo.voter their upvote is usually ~$7 because they "only" upvote at 5-10%)

So having that kind of voter for the sport token would be awesome. Making another curator for sport content and also helping the delegators to earn more sports !!


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