HoneyGain - Content delivery seem to be live in Europe



I'm using HoneyGain since a long time now

The goal of the app is pretty simple, just using your bandwidth and selling it. The prices are pretty low and you will never sell enough to get a huge amount.

In like 20 months I get around $40 so that it really slow, but now it could be a little faster than before.

While the price of your bandwidth is around $0.10 per GB, and here the feature that was blocked for me, Content Delivery, is paying you $0.01 per hour it's active just because it's active. You share nothing more and receive that little amount of money more that before.


I've been using my computer way less that I use to because I'm moving my apartment and taking vacations at the same time, that's stupid ? True, but that's what I do.

On all those 15 days, all the ones I am not receiving anything are days I did not even opened my computer.

For doing nothing more than before this is a great news and that can bring few $ more each month.

I know the last time I watch at my HoneyGain balance it was only at like $12 and now I'm at $21.

Something I learned since my last payment is that they also make BTC withdraw !


That is clearely something I'm going to take in consideration to invest on Hive-Engine tokens !!

If want to test HoneyGain, using my link will get you your first $5 on the app ! Remember that you need to reach $20 to withdraw. It can be used on computer or smartphones, pay attention if your mobile data are used to not use too much of it and pay more than it gives you !

I'm starting a new offer here on hive !


I can do your thumbnails or any other photo or video editing for only HIVE tokens

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Share your unused bandwidth and get paid for that with Honey gain

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