My trip to get a Mythic Avatar on HashKings Part 2


Good day and welcome back folks.

So to round it off I am attempting to buy a Mythic Avatar on Hashkings.

Quick recap on what a Mythic Avatar is:
Base stats are better and bigger bonus for the forge with this first run avatar.
Another cool benefit is the Mythic room chat in their discord. This gives sneak peaks into HashKings and juicy info for upcoming features and games.
Cost: $100 in Buds.

So I started off promisingly well... and then other projects hit me hard for my hard earned cash. We are looking at you Bang!Defense. Which is also a part of the HashKings network of games.

So after spending alot of Hive on Bang!Defense I am now lacking alot of funds towards my Mythic.
But I have managed to boost my Buds stake by 5k buds.
So now I am at 17499 Buds in the stake pool. This will continue to grow daily from my farming and playing of Bang!Defense.

This wont make me rich any time soon but I will continue hitting my targets for fund raising and I will get that Avatar!

I also added 28k xp to my current avatar which set me back a small fortune of my Hive.
This will do me well in the future though so these are necessary purchases for now.

If you are interested in checking out these games or the whole HK ecosystem then check out the links below.

Have fun all and Mythic, I'm coming for you!!