Affordable luxuries

Today happened to be one of those days when my consistency has a fight with my laziness and I do everything within my power to let my consistency win.

I visited a store today called PEP and after I spent almost 45 minutes searching and comparing prices, I went over to the counter to make my payments but their services were jammed. I told them I wanted to leave my purchase and come back some other day but they suggested I make a mobile transfer, which I did.

Their services were still jammed so they hadn't received my transfer until about 30 minutes later so they gave me a pretty shoe to thank me for being a patient and kind customer.

That was so un-Nigerian, that I had to take a picture of the shoe just before selling it at the salon. It's a pretty shoe but I have to be honest with myself, I don't go out enough or wear the shoes I currently have. Adding one to the rack is unnecessary. The $1.8 I got on the shoe felt a lot better.

Image made by me on Canva

Dominos to the rescue

30 minutes in the salon and I noticed a guy walk in wearing a Dominos Pizza shirt but I ignore him until he walks over to me telling me they have a cute box of pizza available for $0.8 and I could get it in either chicken or beef.

I had seen pictures online of people hawking their pizza in other parts of the country but I had no idea they had brought it to my region because it's not so famous.

The box of pizza was so cute that I was honestly tempted to buy it out of curiosity but alas, I wasn't about to spend a dime out of the money I just got from selling that shoe. So I told him I wasn't interested.

Dominos pizza in these parts has a bad record in my books thanks to the day I spent almost $20 on a box that turned out to be nothing but bread, onions and salt.

However, I found their marketing tactic interesting. They know the economy in these parts is in shambles so they're cutting their products according to their environment. It's smart. Very smart.

I may never be a customer but I bet they'll get a lot of customers this way.

Luxuries should be affordable sometimes.

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As I read through, I thought I was gonna see the picture of the shoe but surprisingly I didn't. Damn.. Disappointment.

I remember PEP used to be my favourite clothes store back in 2015/17 the staffs recognised me as soon as I walked in. Unfortunately their prices became unbearable in the long run and I had to kaboom!

it really is nice of them to have given you a gift for the trouble. Same thing happened to me at sweet sensation but there was no gift. Lol! They apologised though.

Wait.. Wait.. you bought Domino's Pizza.. haha.. It's nothing but stale bread and spice. Pizza should be yummy and filled with slimy cheese but Domino's is quite the opposite. I learnt m lesson 2018. Lol!

You should try out DODO Pizza. You'd like it!