Always staying prepared


4 months ago when I decided to attend French classes I had no idea how financially and energy draining it would be.
I mean it's called a Very Intensive Program but I never would have thought that it would take up this much of my life.

In the beginning, I thought the entire program would just be a month. So I told them I would be speaking French in 4 weeks. Boy was I wrong.

So, at first, I thought my parents would have a hard time paying the $70 monthly. So, I practised a speech I would give to vr8ach the topic of sending me money monthly. However, I didn't have to say so much. They were up for it and decided to support it.

I still want to be convinced that they would stick up for me so every month I would save up the $70 and hold it just in case they change their minds. I can be a terrible child most times.

Well, I'm 4 months in and so far they haven't failed me once. I still stay prepared though.

Changing everything

My attitude towards my fees made me change a lot of things. This includes my spending behaviour.

Recently, thanks to the value of Hive and its second-layer tokens, like Leo, I've been able to comfortably adjust my life to accommodate my new way of spending.

I always stay ahead of my expenses and activities. Whatever I want to spend on, I make sure it's an amount I either don't mind losing or won't take too long to get back.

This has made a lot of things easier for me. I hope I get to improve on the ideology and get a better strategy.

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