An $8 weekend

I hit a major milestone last weekend and I have to admit that my prudence, self-control and dependency levels just went through the roof and I've never been more impressed with myself.

Image from Pexels

After losing my ATM card at a friend's house last week, I was somewhat happy because that meant I wouldn't be able to satisfy immediate cravings and I would have to work a little to spend money. I haven't had the time to visit the bank yet so I figured I would just wait it out and go within this week.

Most weekends, I spend at least $15 to $20 on random cravings but I decided I needed to spend as little as possible and try to be content with the meals we have at home.

It has been hard. I don't think I spend a lot but our currency has become such shit that I can't even help but spend so much on the basics.

Over the weekend, I planned on satisfying my parfait craving but I ran out of mobile data and everyone knows access to the internet surpasses cravings so I did what I had to do.

Right after that, I got some water for our dispenser and I had a balance of about $1.8 which I've had in me since then. I think it's fun when I don't fall for my food temptations.

However, this won't last very long because I'll be leaving home tomorrow to stay at a friend's so I'll have to pull my shit together and become a little less dependent.

I never thought a time would come when I'd become the adult who's happy when they don't spend any money. It's been a rough month with a lot of unplanned expenses and I'm really glad it's finally going to be over.

Still job hunting so hopefully I'll get a little better financially as soon as I land my much-anticipated design gig.

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