Another task completed.

Saturday was one of the most exciting and crappiest days I've had in a very long while but I'm glad it happened. The stress of the past 6 weeks finally paid off.


So, I got accepted into a design program sometime in March and after 3 months of learning, we began a group project about a month ago. It started great like most group projects but when the work truly began, my 2 team members bailed on me so many times.

It was terrible but I kept my cool. I would schedule meetings and they just wouldn't show. I did so much work and when I contacted them they'd have one excuse but make promises that they would get something done.

Over the last 7 days, we were asked to create slides to properly represent the work we had been doing and present them on Saturday as we rounded up the program. As usual, I got to calling and texting because I wasn't about to let my name be dragged in the mud. I had worked too hard for that to happen.

They dragged their feet and finally, within the last 2 days, they got to have sleepless nights and get the job done. They called by 11 pm to work and while I was pleased I couldn't help but be pissed because if they listened to me we wouldn't have to go through that much pressure.

Well, the presentation went well and they've assured us that we'll be getting some cash prizes by the end of this week. I'm not keeping my fingers crossed for it because I don't expect it to be anything above $20.

It's cool too though, getting paid to learn is an awesome feeling regardless of how much you're getting paid.

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I got my first design certification too. It's my first because I'm pretty sure I'll be getting a lot more in the next few years.

Today I began putting together my portfolio on Behance. You can start looking up my work as I upload all I've done and put together more jobs to upload there.

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