Gearing up for LPUD...

@leogrowth decided to follow the trails of Hive Power Up Day and bring to us the Leo Power Up Day. If you don't already know about this well, it's a day set aside every month where everyone who holds at least 200 Leo should power up their Leo and stand a chance to win some dope delegations.
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The LPUD is barely 48 hours from now and well, my liquidity isn't looking very good. I was so hopeful that I would be able to have the 200 Leo from post rewards but it's looking like I may have to hit the markets some more.

This morning, I had about 77 Leo but then I looked at the market and I saw a sweet sale of 100 Leo for 15.8 Hive. I'm dirt poor so I didn't have up to that, but I was able to sell my DEC for 2 Hive and then purchase about 5 Hive with some HBD I had.

I added 50 Leo to what I had and now I'm lucky to have 127 Leo for now. I'm expecting some sizeable post rewards in about 48 hours so who knows, I might be lucky. If not, I'll purchase some more with some HBD again. The price keeps tanking so I guess this is a good time to buy.

My Leo rewards have been shitty for a while and it's understandable. I haven't had a lot of time for engagements as I used to and I don't even post as much. I thought I would be able to post at least 7 times a week but I realised getting content to write about is a lot harder when you don't read a lot.

Anyways, how are things going on your end? Are you ready for LPUD or are you scrapping around like I am?

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