Income producing and skill improving...

Every day for the last 2 months, I've almost consistently performed 2 major tasks. These 2 tasks have casually become like a routine for me and adding more tasks always feels difficult.

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For the longest while, the only task I performed daily was writing on Hive. Then I decided to add making videos which were great until I began to run out of content so I started singing on Open Mic and recording my weekly podcast - Let's Talk About Sex & Something.

Then, I evolved and I started taking Product Design classes 5 months ago. I wasn't very consistent for a while when I had a few setbacks but I've been steady learning and I've gotten way better than when I first started.

I realised that if I didn't have a proper structure for my activities some would suffer and that would be bad for me.

Writing on Hive pays the bills for now until I land a design gig so I can't let it suffer. My engagement capacity has suffered a lot. I still try whenever I can but I know it can't just be enough. I feel like shit when some weeks I look at the top 100 on the engagement league and I can't find my name.

I once made it to the top 10 at some point. How could I have become so non-existent?

I can't do so much about it. I wake up every day, write on my assigned community for the day or make a video or whatever, then I leave my laptop to charge while I get breakfast.

After breakfast, I pick up my laptop again and I get to some design projects until my laptop dies, I leave it to charge while I take a nap then get lunch. In the evening, I try to write another post and then get back to working on my design project.

This has been my consistent routine for almost a month now. On some days, like today, I take extra forced breaks to watch some movies as a reward for completing a project. But I get back to work again.

I can't deny that the learning process is hard. It's like building a muscle; working through the pain even when your hands feel like falling off and you see no results but you keep going coz biology states that you will build the muscle after a while.

I've been building my design muscle. A lot of people go from graphics designing to product designing, but I'm starting from zero knowledge to what I've achieved right now.

I'm proud of my progress so far. I admit I still have a long way to go, but I sense I'll be getting that big break soon enough. My routine isn't unhealthy for me anymore so I have no reason to not keep going.

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