LPUD; I made it!

I began preparing for the LPUD 7 days ago. That day, I wrote here that I had only 71.8 Leo at the time so I needed about 129 Leo to get on the LPUD train.

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I did my math, and all my post rewards would still render me short of about 50 Leo so I knew I had to hit the market coz there's no way I'd miss a chance to possibly become a dolphin for a month.

So yesterday I wrote here that I got about 50 Leo and a few minutes ago I received my last reward, giving me a total of 202 Leo. How sweet is that???

Benefits of LPUD

There are a lot of benefits of LPUD asides from the cool rewards. One of them is the fact that this could boost the price of Leo on the market coz people like me who don't receive a lot of Leo from posts rewards have to purchase some.

Lucky for us, there's a lot of Leo supply on the market but that doesn't mean the price can't be influenced based on the need for Leo.

I don't watch the markets so I have no valid information on whether the price of Leo increased or not within the last 7 days. However, I do know that a bunch of Leo whales purchased some large sums of Leo off the market. That had to have an impact one way or another.

Powering UP!

20220615 5.png

20220615 6.png

20220615 7.png

Different ways of powering up

At first, I thought the LPUD only included powering up on Hive but it also includes staking on BSC and Polygon. So, don't be a noob like me, I guess.

This time around, I made use of Hive so I just powered up my Leo here but maybe next month, I'll explore the other options. It's a win either way and there's absolutely no loss from powering up.

I hope I win one of the prizes though.

Let's Talk about SEX!!!.gif

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