Money rules from books are probably fairytales...

Money doesn't grow on trees... Or does it?

There are so many money laws written in different books by different authors. From "Richest Man in Babylon" to "Think and grow rich" to "Rich dad, poor dad". These authors have so many laws that I can't entirely question because they worked for them.

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There's also the part where it's possible that they're all liars who have absolutely no idea what they're talking about. But who am I to judge, right? They know what they know and they make the rules accordingly. I can't claim to know more than they do because well, I'm a 24-year-old who lives in her parent's spare bedroom.

I spent a long while following these rules and I know they didn't work. I even shamelessly lived almost 2 years of my life following the rules made by Donald Trump in his book Think Big. The outcome was that 2 years of my life were wasted chasing shadows.

No regrets, I want to lie to myself that I learned during this time but who am I kidding? I didn't learn shit. I did, however, waste a lot of money but that's the price for being stupid, right?

Money laws are relative. The laws made by a mogul in the US who claimed to have gone from Zero to Hero can't be followed by a poor Nigerian who wants to be rich.

It's a sad case but it's the truth and the reason is pretty simple: A poor person in Nigeria can easily get rug pulled at any point and be forced to meet their maker. Their first priority is finding food to eat. They can't focus on building on an idea until the hunger has been first satisfied.

I haven't lived in the US or any other country, however, I do know that they have shelters that provide meals for the homeless and living on the streets isn't entirely as unsafe as it is here. I've asked a couple of questions, I think I'm right.

So, a person in Nigeria who reads the beautiful words of Napoleon Hill might get as pumped up as I did. They might even create a vision board that they'll only get to see on days they have power but the outcome will not be the same. The fight is different.

This isn't to say Napoleon's rules don't work, it's just a different word for a much different crowd. I don't know a lot about what Nigerian self-help books preach but the few I've read come from a place of a certain amount of privilege.

Asides from that, there are also differences in the laws of the economy. Just because the economy of one country accepts one thing doesn't mean another economy accepts it.

I remember reading with a lot of interest about how Donalt calculates his taxes. That shit wouldn't work for a day in my country. It might be similar but it would definitely not be sustainable.


Don't be sad if the laws don't work. They're probably just not meant for your place of origin and that's fine. Find what works and run with it.

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I think they work in my opinion but I feel there are books that work despite the country you find yourself in.

Evergreen books like the intelligent investor will work in every clime.

Common sense investing also.

Books that talk about underlying principles of wealth.

If you really check it, you are not following what they di